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New KID Campus School Pole

Work will start before the summer for the New School Campus KID presented to the community last year after the outcome of the competition announced by the Municipality of San Lazzaro di Savena. The project created by Mario Cucinella becomes an opportunity to finally give life to a school model that brings with it all the most innovative experimentation of educational spaces. A space open to the community and in harmony with the urban park and that responds to the need for redevelopment and implementation in stages at different times that ensures complete control in the implementation.

The school building wants to give life to a unitary complex (schools, gym, auditorium) through an architecture that holds together the new building and the existing one. Its large roof like a suspended sheet of paper accommodates all the functions of the plexus, creating continuity to all the spaces used for different purposes, thus working in a complementary way, giving rise to a single body from a face-perceptual point of view.
Light, colours, dynamic and flexible spaces, courtyards and gardens, contact with nature: these ingredients create an ideal environment of comfort where children and even the youngest can grow both intellectually and physically. The distribution generates a succession of environments where indoor and outdoor, built and natural are designed perfectly integrated, both in classrooms and connective spaces. These connective spaces become collective places of relationship, they are flexible and integrate with the environments for normal and special teaching, as well as with the common spaces and those serving the community such as the auditorium. The plexus becomes a socio-cultural tool, where architecture itself is a vehicle of communication and knowledge for those who use it.

Buildings must give space to aspects that were not there before, to new needs. Therefore, spaces, education and culture need a policy attentive to these aspects for a real revival of the country. For too long we have made the educational space coincide with a norm, but the norm does not produce quality and much less beauty. Buildings are always a form of education, the school all the more so” explains Mario Cucinella.

PROJECT New KID Campus School Pole
ARCHITECTS Mario Cucinella Architects
YEAR 2020