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Natuzzi: many novelties for Milan Design Week 2022

Natuzzi, one of the world’s leading players in the production and distribution of design and luxury furniture, chooses Milan Design Week 2022 to present a preview of many new products, but not only. Novembre Studio, in fact, radically transforms Natuzzi Italia’s Milan showroom with a project celebrating Apulian culture and atmosphere. The Apulian soul of the architect and designer combines with that of Natuzzi Italia, radically transforming the flagship store in via Durini: the result is an architectural project that celebrates the culture, colours, traditions and atmospheres of Apulia in every element.

We have a deep connection with Fabio, we share a love for our roots, for what Puglia has taught us,” says Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, the company’s creative director. “When we decided to radically rethink the concept of our showrooms, our thoughts immediately went to him, for his unique ability to interpret in architecture those values of hospitality, warmth, and Mediterranean beauty that we share.

It is a new way of imagining the space, designed to make the furnishings stand out, but also to make the encounter with the brand and its founding values memorable: Mediterranean-ness, design, harmony, Italian spirit, innovation and comfort.

Natuzzi is the perfect interpreter to tell an international audience about Puglia,” says Fabio Novembre. “Places have a soul, and Puglia has always been a crossroads of different cultures that have been able to harmonise. We are a symbolic bridge over the Mediterranean that can unite.

The heart of the project is the central area, an ideal square surrounded by the iconic illuminations typical of Apulian culture and defined by a series of arches that recall the traditional architecture of the region; the space houses a multifunctional lounge available for meetings with customers and for the virtual 3D experience. Around it, different environments develop with an open and fluid layout that allows continuous flows between spaces: the sets – four dedicated to the living area and three to the total living proposals – evoke the typical elements of the Apulian landscapes, the masserie, the olive trees, the warm light on the sea. The materials and colour choices are the crowning glory of an architecture that in all its details recalls those cosy, relaxed Mediterranean atmospheres that Natuzzi Italia products bring into homes all over the world.



This innovative flagship store will be the setting in which to discover – from Monday 6th to Sunday 12th June – the new products as well as a special selection of the brand’s iconic pieces in a new look enhanced by the new collection of eco-fiber upholstery, 100% sustainable. Natuzzi Italia presents the new collection The Circle of Harmony – Second Life, which, under the creative direction of Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, features the Italian artist-designer Marcantonio with the Terra pouf and the Dutch Marcel Wanders studio with the Adam sofa.

The Second Life project was born in 2019 to create an ideal space in which to welcome different creative interpretations of the brand’s DNA. After the reflection on the future initiated through the last two collections The Circle of Harmony (2020) and The Circle of Harmony – Live the Transition (2021), with Second Life Natuzzi Italia thus reflects on the concept of sustainability in its broadest sense, thus representing a third chapter of this narrative, a reflection around a highly topical theme: how to orient the production of furniture towards a sustainability that is increasingly consistent and concrete.

The aim is to create a more conscious design and production. To create timeless beauty capable of transcending time itself. A collection of targeted pieces, designed to last a lifetime, with the clean idea of cutting down pollution, making materials that live a precious second life: recycled, reused, rethought; objects where functionality and aesthetics coexist in perfect balance,” says Pasquale Junior Natuzzi.

Marcantonio was confronted with the design of a pouf: an upholstered item with a fluid identity, a statement piece representing the synthesis of the new Natuzzi design philosophy inaugurated with Second Life and based on the need to rethink the world of furniture with greater awareness, taking into account materials, process, context. The result is Terra, a design conceived to be zero impact on the environment, a volume with blunt shapes, lines full of roundedness and softness that evoke the shapes of an olive on the red earth of the Apulian landscapes. The ends of the seat and back are connected by light braces that create an unexpected circularity and sublimate the entire design.

The new collection The Circle of Harmony – Second Life then comprises the Adam modular sofa by Marcel Wanders studio. Adam was created with the desire to combine sustainable materials and timeless design with the inspirations born in Puglia, the region that represents the brand’s roots and symbolises the Mediterranean lifestyle that the brand carries throughout the world. To create the Adam sofa, Marcel Wanders studio took an ideal journey through the history of the brand and its style. The result is a sofa with a casual modern style, which makes visual and sensory comfort its hallmark. Adam is a reinterpretation of the Natuzzi style, as well as the archetype for future sofas, furniture that lives a “second life” precisely because it is capable of lasting over time.

The Second Life concept is also expressed in the new collection of sustainable upholstery presented by Natuzzi Italia. After the launch in 2020 of the collaboration with the Dutch textile innovation studio BYBORRE, which gave rise to the Water fabric collection – made with a yarn combining top-quality wool and recycled PES -, this year the brand presents a series of new fibres designed to have the maximum positive impact on the environment and on man: Gaia and Origami.

Gaia is an experimental vegan fibre that reproduces the texture of leather in an extraordinary way: the extreme innovation of Coronet, a company that produces technical materials with a high focus on sustainability, meets Natuzzi’s craftsmanship excellence in leather processing, resulting in a complete and harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity.

Origami is a fabric composed mainly of paper fibre – an ecological and sustainable product, 100% natural – combined with flocked nylon chenille on the reverse side. Natural and resistant, similar to linen to the touch, but with a more pastel effect, Origami has intrinsic fireproof qualities, thanks to the paper that does not create combustion but immediately turns to ash, a characteristic that also makes its disposal sustainable.


To celebrate the Second Life concept, Natuzzi Italia has entrusted the artist and designer Marcantonio with an evocative and evocative installation in the courtyard of Palazzo Durini Caproni in Taliedo, which houses the brand’s Milan showroom. The ideal objective is to involve all visitors in the spirit of the Circle of Harmony, a crossroads of experiences, suggestions and creative blending. Starting from the idea of rebirth and wanting to emphasise the close bond that today more than ever unites us to nature and the environment, Marcantonio has decided to transform one of the most significant courtyards in the centre of Milan into a fairy-tale world in which gigantic olive shoots sprout from the pavement, or rather, from the earth. Germogli represents a tribute to the union between man and nature and, at the same time, points the spotlight on an urgent problem gripping olive groves in Apulia and in need of incisive action: xylella. This infesting bacterium in fact causes huge problems to olive groves and risks compromising crops all over Europe.

The company has therefore decided to make the public at Milan Design Week aware of the urgent need to protect such precious ecosystems. The second installation project that Natuzzi is proposing together with Germogli is the photographic exhibition TRE(E)PIDATION by Giampaolo Sgura inside the new showroom in via Durini. The tragic Xylella epidemic that has been infesting Apulia’s olive trees in recent years, killing millions, is the theme around which Giampaolo Sgura’s photographic exhibition TRE(E)PIDATION revolves.

Sgura, one of the best known and most talented fashion photographers on the international scene, has been commissioned by Natuzzi Italia to produce 3 iconic images to celebrate the beauty, strength and energy of Apulia’s centuries-old olive trees and fix in the memory a landscape that risks disappearing forever and with it a part of Mediterranean history and culture. The works will be exhibited during Milan Design Week in the main hall of the new flagship store in Via Durini redesigned by Fabio Novembre.


Natuzzi Italia Showroom – via Durini 24, Milan
6th June 2022 – press day, 10 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.
7th June 2022, 10 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.
8th – 12th June 2022, 10 a.m. – 8.30 p.m.

Natuzzi Italia Showroom – Courtyard Palazzo Durini Caproni di Taliedo- via Durini 24, Milan
8th and 9th June 2022, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.


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