Moiré by Élitis

Élitis reinterprets Moiré by giving new life to this fabric with its iridescent effect reminiscent of the waves of the sea: the Élitis 2022 collection revisits this ancient technique, giving it a contemporary look and a distinct material feel. The Moiré collection, made entirely in a traditional French factory with historical expertise, reveals ripples created randomly, unpredictably depending on how the craftsman places the material between the cylinders that crush the fabric and create the pattern.

In this way, each piece is unique, with its own pattern and subtle nuances that evolve in tandem with the gestures of the skilled professional who brings them to life. The thick weave of the fabric gives it a raw, structured look, while the colours, specially designed to create spectacular effects, recall the world of nature. Meter after meter, the fabric changes and evokes different suggestions on the walls, while the design merges with the surface wave to create an almost metallic feel.

In Élitis’ Moiré collection, the weave thus becomes intriguing, with unfathomable reflections, like a landscape sculpted by shadow and light, with ever-changing nuances. Just as it happens on the shores of the sea, the waves shimmer under the gaze, but never repeat themselves. This collection, produced entirely in France, therefore revisits the ripples to put this fabric on the wall in an unexpected way. These wavy fabrics, with a more modern and more minimalist sophistication, present a thick weave for a party taken raw and completely in relief. The hues, taken from the natural world, are as delicate as they are powerful and always gentle.


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