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Minimalism and light

A return to simplicity with a contemporary and minimalist lifestyle becomes the inspiration for a new apartment with a refined but never excessive atmosphere and details. Starting from this basis, Lenka Míková architekti studio has renovated an entire floor of a building from the late 1920s in the heart of Prague’s Old Town to make it a single unit. Art deco gives way to early functionalism, overturning the previous aesthetics and approaching the project with timeless materials, elegant details and custom-made furniture. What strikes at first impact is the clean architectural space full of light that floods all 250sqm of extension. An important extension that winds in the unexpected details of the interior, such as an entire red bathroom or a brass-clad bar corner.

The layout of the apartment is divided into three zones according to their use. The main living area directly connected with an entrance corridor represents the “social” zone. Once again, it is light that takes center stage, this time framed by large windows along the street facade. A sense of intimacy and comfort is given by the fireplace in the living area, surrounded by a bookcase, a hidden TV and a bar, behind which the space continues to an office. On the other side follows a kitchenette separated by a glass partition with sliding doors. The choice of materials has been taken care of to create a game of contrasts such as the black counter of the kitchen contrasts with the covering of the fireplace but also of harmonious assonances such as the wood of the counter and the dining table.

The “private” area with the bedrooms is located on the rear facade and has a more intimate character. A dark gray corridor leads to the guest and children’s bedrooms and a blue guest bathroom, which is also accessible from the office. The color of the hallways continues into the bedrooms, integrating doors and built-in closets. The design plays with the variety of materials and colors that create specific interrelationships and enhance the diversity of the experience. Different types of lighting wind throughout the house creating different effects depending on their function and location. A style that is presented as minimalist but does not give up the vibrancy of colors, giving a recognizable and personal soul to the apartment. 

Project: Old Town of Prague Apartment
Architect: Lenka Míková architekti
Year: 2021
Photo: BoysPlayNice