Migliore+Servetto curates the art direction of MIND’s urban interventions

All the urban interventions in the public areas of the MIND-Milano Innovation District common ground will have the extraordinary art direction of the Migliore+Servetto design studio, which will sign a series of installations that will contribute to building the identity of the site.

The first to be unveiled was MIND Flow: a 1.8 km long street painting intervention covering 15,000 square metres, accompanying visitors from the underground exit to the Tree of Life. The installation develops as an identity thorn that crosses the entire MIND site, connecting all the nodal points of the decumanus through a continuous chromatic flow in the shade of sulphurous yellow – which visually defines the cycle-pedestrian route – connecting the interventions, the green areas opposite and touching the construction sites.
Interwoven within the graphic flow are 100 significant words grouped into 7 carpets, divided into thematic areas, which refer to MIND’s values and identity: city of the future – the mind challenges – the future of health – crosspollination – the human ecosystem – the green & blue infrastructure – research.

Ico Migliore, co-founder of the Migliore+Servetto studio and professor at the Milan Polytechnic, also developed an international workshop with about 50 students from the Milan Polytechnic, aimed at developing a new seating concept, capable of connecting the various areas of the site and generating spaces for meeting and sharing: the MIND seat – “like friends sitting around a campfire on the beach”.
The result of the workshop was 15 projects, which were exhibited in the auditorium on the ground floor of the HIVE during the MIND Spring event. The projects were the subject of an open public poll with more than 2500 voters.
For more information visit www.miglioreservetto.com