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Microtopping – coatings for natural and dynamic atmospheres by Ideal Work

A Coffee Shop with a design that blends internal and external spatiality with an innovative and contemporary coating that allows the creation of refined material surfaces that create great architectural value and a space that expands acquiring depth, harmony and lightness. 1402 Coffee Shop immediately attracts the eye from the main street at the western entrance of Aranya district, rich in domestic tourists, along the coast of the Bohai Sea, China. The recently renovated café retains its existing red brick exterior architecture with a sloping roof, while its interior features a variety of new shapes and volumes including a reinvented courtyard made with large glass facades.

Inside, Studio B.L.U.E Architecture added a new volume to the existing building: the rectangular box forms a new café experience that integrates the functional needs of seating, waiting area, bar, display and landscape, transforming into an open space that offers guests a variety of different experiences. The concrete box extending toward the street defines a new visual focus, sparking curiosity to explore the space, thanks in part to the contrast between the old red brick and the new concrete volume. This new glass facade features fully operable folding doors and windows that face both the plaza and the outdoor café area, increasing the interaction between indoors and outdoors. The central area of the box is divided into semi-private seating and spaces with varying scales, allowing guests maximum quiet and intimacy on the one hand and the pleasantness of sharing on the other. At the center of the box opens a bar counter that forms a whole with the surfaces that surround it, where guests can enjoy a coffee independently or communicate directly to the bartender.

Ideal Work has taken care of the coating with its new exclusive compound Microtopping, created by the union of a liquid polymer and a cement mixture, manually mixed by the authorized Ideal Work applicator and studied specifically for the decorative smoothing of interior and exterior surfaces thanks to a craftsmanship of the material guarantees a result always unique and original. Microtopping offers many color combinations and the decorative inserts available, as well as the obtainable effects glossy, cloudy or acidified, allow to customize the surfaces giving a distinctive touch to the environments. The final result is a set of velvety atmospheres and spatial dynamism that distinguish the space. Microtopping is therefore ideal for creating cement-effect interiors in which the natural material effect is enhanced to the fullest, as in the creation of Caffè 1402.

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