MB House in Menorca

MB House project was designed by Gabriel Montañés architectural studio, originally from Menorca and very attentive to eco-friendly and sustainable works.

The house, intended for family use, offers a very large, free area for common rooms, facing east and permitting the insertion of very large windows. The bathrooms face west with minimal openings. The kitchen/dining room opens completely onto the garden and pool, allowing excellent ventilation and offering an open-air shelter for summer use. A sliding pergola allows for the control and filtration of sunlight.

On the first floor are four bedrooms with equal internal arrangements, facing east, with their respective bathrooms facing west.

The vertical communication core of the house is a double space providing both light and air currents, with a large fan to aid this function, while the access staircase merges with a gallery on the first floor giving continuity to both floors.

The small size of the plot placed limits on the design of a compact structure, resulting in limited internal ventilation. Wooden structures have therefore been built to support the windows in the bedrooms, allowing optimal air flow while preventing insects and mosquitoes from entering, as well as providing a clear view of Mahón harbour.

The basement has a laundry room, a garage and a courtyard which brings good natural light into the house. Here we also find a 35-tonne water tank which collects rainwater from the roof of the building.

Finally, the house has been completed with the installation of a natural swimming pool bordered by native plants, giving freshness and liveliness to the environment.

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ARCHITECT Gabriel Montañés studio
YEAR 2019
ENGINEERING Ingeniería I82
CONSULTANTS Estructura Martí Cabestany
CONSTRUCTION Miquel Orfila Moll
QUANTITY SURVEYOR Rafael Mus y Amílcar Seguí
PHOTO Adrià Goula