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Masciarelli Art Project with Job Smeets

For the celebration of its 40-year history, Masciarelli Tenute Agricole presents the Masciarelli Art Project, a project that was born with the aim of establishing a fruitful dialogue with internationally renowned artists. It also aims to present a new interpretation of the multifaceted world of Masciarellia an art destination that can be enjoyed by the public.
This first Masciarelli Art Project features Job Smeets, the Belgian artist and designer. He is internationally acclaimed for his works which cross the boundaries between design and art, combining an avant-garde expressive force with his unique craftsmanship.

After a period of residence in the evocative atmosphere of the Castello di Semivicoli, the artist created the site-specific work entitled The Harvest for public display at the castle. The installation, which is inserted into the blind windows of the castlewithout distorting its architecture, takes its conceptual origin from the most important moment of the agricultural calendar. This is harvest time, when nature yields its bounty and is at the height of its abundance. It is the time to collect the fruit of the vine.

The work, two light boxes (90×180 cm) set on the facade of the caste, enriches the main entrance, evoking a moment of celebration that celebrates the grape harvest, one of the oldest annual events in the world. The two subjects portrayed represent two different narratives about the Masciarelli winery, one historical and the other natural. On the one hand, there is the red cross inspired by the conversion of the castle into a hospital during the Second World War and on the other the wild boar, an animal that often threatens the vineyards. To frame both subjects, Job Smeets echoes contemporary art nouveau decoration by inserting natural elements such as bees, roses, larvae and a ladybug, which belong to the delicate ecosystem of the vineyards.

Maintaining an iconographic continuity with the installation, the artist designed the limited edition label for one of the most famous, recognized and appreciated wines produced by Casa Masciarelli: the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riserva Villa Gemma.
Elements such as the boar, the rose and the cross are portrayed in the hand-drawn label in every detail. In fact, the artist created this work using the classic methods with which wine labels have been designed for centuries. This classical technique has produced a fresh contemporary result.
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PHOTO CREDIT: Vittorio La Fata, Antinori