Manifesto dell’Abitare

Manifesto dell’Abitare is a communication project on the evolution of living in the direction of more sustainable living.

Curated by Blend In – It’s time for good business and Strategy Innovation, a spin-off of Ca’ Foscari Venezia, with the collaboration of Platform Architecture and Design.


Created by a group of researchers and consultants from the Ca Foscari Venice spin-off – Strategy Innovation – the Manifesto interprets the evolution of living through 13 rooms, proposing a new and provocative paradigm: the value of a home should not be measured only in square metres but through the quality of the relationships that the home allows one to establish with others. Living is a set of distances redesigned by its inhabitants who draw its boundaries and define its essence. Designing the right distance then becomes a collective art that brings together inhabitants, architects and new professionals.

The cover of the Manifesto is inspired by the floor of Carlo Scarpa’s Palazzo Querini Stampalia – a mosaic made up of independent but interconnected pieces – a metaphor for a space that needs to be given shape. A carpet – realised through the collaboration between C&C Milano, a historic Milanese company, which supplied the fabric scraps, and the slow fashion start-up Giglio Tigrato, which sewed them – takes up the floor and becomes the symbolic representation of the manifesto, a square, colourful travelling stage from which the performance starts.

The project stemming from the Manifesto dell’Abitare was presented on 26 May 2022 at the ADI Design Museum in Milan, in collaboration with Platform and Gruppo Censeo. Speakers included Giancarlo Tancredi, Councillor for Urban Regeneration of the Municipality of Milan, first signatory of the Manifesto together with Gian Paolo Lazzer, PhD in Sociology and co-author of the Manifesto, Davide Luraschi, President of the College of Engineers and Architects of Milan, Simona Finessi, Director of Platform Architecture and Design, Luciano Galimberti, President of ADI and Giacomo Paddeu and Francesco Moretti, Founders Gruppo Censeo.


Casa Platform hosted the Manifesto during the Fuorisalone week, one lecture a day from 6 to 10 June with various guests. The protagonists were professionals from companies, institutions, professional studios, and artists who spoke about their point of view on the future of living.

The performance will continue in a widespread form throughout the year. The studios and companies adhering to the Manifesto will have the opportunity to host the carpet and propose a talk in their own spaces with their own guests, helping to broaden the message and enriching the conversation. It is an ambitious project that wants to spread an important, topical and widely shared message of social (and environmental) sustainability. A cultural step needs to be taken, and people with vision, credibility and means are needed to take it forward! The project is a collaboration between Blend In and Strategy Innovation, a spin-off of Ca’ Foscari Venezia.



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