Magic Bar in Beijing

Magic Bar is the medieval-inspired venue built in Zhongjun World City, Jinhui Road, Chaoyang District in Beijing, by architecture and design studio GB SPACE. A unique experience in what is known as the “magician’s house”.

The interior spaces are divided mainly into dining rooms, living rooms and an area dedicated to shows, and are characterised by the inclusion of mirrors that reflect the different areas to each other, creating the optical illusion of being in an infinite extension. A magical atmosphere!

The venue has two entrances. The main entrance is towards the outer façade and is designed with two doors: one real and the other a reflection of the installation.
The second entrance, on the other hand, can be reached from inside the E158 shopping centre, Block E, in which the Magic Bar is located. This entrance is characterised by the presence of a cupboard decorated by the representative work deformed-fork.

The dining room is connected with the living room, where we also find the bar area. In the latter, the wall has been painted so that the wine shelves blend in with the masonry, which, thanks to the addition of a frame, looks like a real painting.
The bar has a rather large area dedicated to the performance of magicians and artists. There is in fact a bookcase in which books on magic and instruments used during the shows are stored. The lighting in this room is controlled by a remote device that projects light effects in a twilight atmosphere.

The ceilings are also special, decorated separately to separate the different rooms in the room, completing its identity.
The furniture, mainly in leather and velvet, features colours between red and orange combined with dark walnut wood and makes a coherent match with the texture and archaic decoration of the walls.

Iconographies of poker card suits, a symbolic element of conjurer’s instruments, are often inserted in the rooms.


DESIGNERS Wenyu Gao, Yang Bai, Yuan Gao
LOCATION Beijing, China
YEAR 2020
PHOTO Ning Wang