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LOVE AFFAIR – Rubelli Textile Collection 2022

“For many of us it had never happened to stay at home as long as in these recent times, but the situation led us to make small or large improvements to our houses, to be more comfortable and beautiful. However, except those who have the privilege of a garden, there has been a lack of contact with nature.” These words open the catalog of the new Rubelli 2022 collection and with this idea, the historic Veneto-based company wants to put the nature in a central position of the daily life once again, by bringing it back into our homes. Nature is in fact at the center of the 40 new fabrics proposed: the explicit reference to natural elements can be found in the designs, in the use of eco-sustainable materials and in the colours such as sand, rock, ivory, ice and wood.

Rubelli offers textures that do not appear two-dimensional, in which the relief reminds the irregular surfaces of nature. The weaves go from the micro of the elegant Mundus to the extra-large of Saint-Etienne, which must be touched to reveal that its relief is only an optical effect. Nature is created by the surface of all these structures, and their production is environmentally friendly. In fact, they are made of technical and/or natural fibers, including eco-spun yarn, made by recovering the so-called false-fibers that are eliminated during the weaving phase. Nature also pervades the decorative fabrics: jacquard, printed and embroidered. Each one interprets the theme of flowers in an original way: flowers taken from ancient documents in Lady Bloom, evanescent flowers in Eliodoro, realistic flowers in Camilla, Chinese flowers in Tea Cat, fairytale flowers designed by illustrator Gabriel Pacheco. The extensive Outdoor Cocktails collection also invites you to experience nature, using the new technical fabrics, also featuring flowers and colorful weaves.

About sustainability and respect for the environment, Rubelli has been on a path, that is gradually being enriched with new actions and “inventions”. If durability and the quality of the materials used contribute to a reduction in waste, in more recent years the introduction of new yarns has helped to consolidate the path of eco-sustainability undertaken. In 2021 Rubelli launched a series of “eco-sustainable” fabrics, made with an innovative bio-sourced fibre produced from organic extracts. These fabrics are not only environmentally friendly, but also high-performance and aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, the introduction of solar panels and systems capable of optimizing consumption represent a further step towards a growing reduction in the waste of resources and energy.


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