Live studio and Live store, “PHYGITAL” revolution by Listone Giordano

Listone Giordano celebrates 150 years of Margaritelli Group by presenting two new high-tech virtual tools: Live studio and Live store.

The aim of these two new digital tools is to reduce the distance between the company and the consumers, to create new possibilities of meeting and improving the customer experience, even in difficult times like 2020.

A celebration of the values and the desire for innovation of the Margaritelli family, which over the years has been able to discover and let people discover all the secrets of wood. Listone Giordano brand has been able to translate these principles by celebrating the encounter between the physical and the digital, between genius and nature.

After the success obtained with Open Desk, the online consulting service created to deal with the impossibilities caused by the current health emergency, Listone Giordano takes another step forward and creates an immersive experience in the physical, yet virtual, spaces of the brand.
Live Studio and Live Store are two new tools dedicated to remote communication between design consultants and customers, within virtual environments that will allow to live the company’s world. A “Phygital” space, a hybrid between traditional sales channels and ultra-modern technology.
The two tools will offer virtual tours inside the “Real Showrooms” in Milan, Bologna, Turin and Perugia. Each tour will be accompanied by a narration of the brand’s history, knowhow and innovative techniques.
In addition, a specially created tactile option to enhance interaction will allow visitors to touch the surfaces on display.

A real encounter between customer and consultant, but also between customer and product.

This project is just one of the many innovations developed by the Listone Giordano brand. One of those innovative projects is the “Natural Genius/Resonating Trees“, which recently received the Premio dei Premi per l’Innovazione, awarded by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, consisting of an installation capable of reproducing the sound of plants, creating an experience that celebrates sustainability and respect for the environment.

Interpersonal distancing has made it difficult to realise many projects, this is why Listone Giordano has once again decided to focus on innovation and breathe new life into the interactions between people.