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Listone Giordano launches the Custom+ collection and the Atmospheres project

Listone Giordano is the leading brand in the field of high-end wood flooring, which belongs to the multibusiness group Margaritelli. The respect for ethical and professional values, as well as the passion for wood and technological innovation that have characterized the company for over one hundred years, have created a business plan constantly oriented towards perfection and the search for original solutions. The result is a range of inimitable products dedicated to all the people love the quality of life and who seek it in a unique place like their own home. To express this and much more, Listone Giordano presents Custom+, the collection that applies to the innovative Atmosfere project, conceived by architect Marco Carini and previewed during the Milano Design City.

Within Atmosfere, the different chromatic characters of Michelangelo and Grisaglie Classica wooden floors blend with unexpected laying patterns and geometries, generating a new approach to the interaction with spaces. Thus, the parquet returns to dialogue with the vertical dimension, creating a harmonious “ecosystem”, where every element is designed to seem closely interconnected. Custom+ is not just a simple product collection, but rather an “inspiration grid” and a design tool for modulating one’s own space through original interpretative keys. The architect Marco Carini has been entrusted with the task of writing the notes of this living pentagram through a first series of Atmospheres, 11 “rooms” inspired by amazing cities. The ultimate goal is to propose new approaches to the design of two- and three-dimensional spaces, through the interconnection between architecture, art, history and other different thematic fields.
“With this new approach, we have shown that Listone Giordano does not just produce simple floors, but furnishing surfaces animated by the breath of design,” says Andrea Margaritelli, Brand Manager of Listone Giordano. The creative drive that animated Marco Carini’s imagination can be clearly seen in the variety of combinations offered, which make it possible to customize almost unlimited environments. The compositions are characterized by a great chromatic richness, by delicate contrasts between different trends. The final result is an atmosphere in which the elegance of design blends with the evocative power of wood. In every Atmosfere proposal, the architect and his Team have given themselves up to the maximum creative freedom, changing the positions of the different elements in an orthogonal way, thus obtaining surprising results:

MILAN 01 and 02 – The first composition dedicated to Milan, is almost textile in nature, with elegant and extremely refined weaves, while the second Milanese combination is more regular, more architectural, with clear references to the sophisticated lines of Mies van der Rohe.

NEW YORK – Horizontal and vertical lines, dialoguing with solids and voids, are able to design new forms of elegance, particularly with regard to exchanges between outdoor and indoor.

COPENAGHEN – Inspired by the harmony typical of the period of Scandinavian functionalism, the composition finds its rule in the alternation of the rhythm of life. Light and dark become day and night, bark color and natural wood. A classic whose metrics become the same as the architecture that contains it.

TURIN – Eclectic and full of history but also current and fresh, it is presented with a vertical line that crosses the lighter horizontal lines like a comb. It becomes fabric and is repeated with regularity, enveloping the room. The atmosphere, inspired by the cultured interiors of Carlo Mollino, welcomes it, like a warm embrace.

BRUGES – The longer shadow crosses the lighter and shorter shades, repeating itself, as in an urban fabric. Concentration and breath alternate. Shortness and length are not opposing elements, but fluid ingredients of the same whole.

ARLES – The weaves, the fabrics, the carpets of Anni Albers were the formal matrix of the composition. The yarns have been replaced by woods, thin, wide and extended, and the room is transformed into a huge loom, surrounded by the colors and atmospheres of Provence. As in an impressionist painting, the rhythm of nature’s changing patterns is captured on a background that becomes a spontaneous sequence.

STOCKHOLM 02 and 03 – The first is rich in alternations and contrasting elements, but at the same time harmonious like a wave chasing the rhythms of the depths. The second is a construction played with elementary modules, one shorter, the other longer, with a light nuance.

TOKYO – Full of energy and peace, it recalls a Zen garden. Here the oriental grace and attention to detail, touch perfection, with a dark sign that is intertwined in a balanced way with lighter signs.


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