LericiPea Golfo dei Poeti Award 2020

On the occasion of the inauguration 2020 of the Award, which will be held Saturday, August 8 at 18.30 at La Versiliana, the famous cultural festival of Marina di Pietrasanta now in its 41st edition, Sanlorenzo in collaboration with the Association LericiPea will award the “Special Prize LericiPea” to Arch. Renzo Piano, awarded to personalities of absolute and unique importance.

The association has decided to award a Special Prize to Renzo Piano, even after listening to his own words: “The new Bridge will have to sing, it will have to remember the history, the terrible, metabolize the mourning of the city. It is like the poetry of the sea that records sounds, voices, perfumes, light and gives them back to those who have eyes to see and ears to listen”. But above all because we are firmly convinced that the first “idea” of Piano, from which the whole project came out, was pure Poetry! On the other hand, he himself confirms that: “The architect wakes up a poet at 9 a.m., at 10 a.m. he becomes a craftsman and around 11 a.m. he’d better become a builder” said Lucilla Del Santo, event manger Premio LericiPea.

Massimo Perotti, Executive Chairman of Sanlorenzo said: “We are pleased to renew our support for one of the most prestigious poetry awards that for over sixty years has enhanced Ligurian culture and territorial identity on an international level and, in particular, to have promoted, together with the association, the awarding of the Special LericiPea Prize to Maestro Renzo Piano, an extraordinary architect and one of the most illustrious Ligurians in the world, for having donated a new and very important project to his hometown“.

A new initiative that reconfirms, on the one hand, Sanlorenzo’s deep bond with its territory and, on the other, the coherent and transversal path that has led the company to bind itself over the years to the most prestigious excellences in the artistic and cultural field.
As part of the 2020 LericiPea Prize, on Friday 28th August at 6 pm Sanlorenzo will also host the presentation of Roberto Pazzi’s book Un giorno senza sera (A day without evening) at the Cantiere di La Spezia. Personal anthology of poetry 1966-2019, published by La nave di Teseo.

Renzo Piano portrait ©RPBW – ph. Stefano Goldberg
Photo ©RPBW – Shunji Ishida