Lavagnoli plans the unpredictable

It is the capacity acquired by managing projects that are complex by nature, those that navigate between contract and nautical refitting. Lavagnoli works on large ships and yachts for high-profile works with stone and similar materials, creating floors, wall coverings, reception desks, bars and restaurants, table tops, stairs, balustrades and columns, pool edges and coverings. It is also involved in the supply and installation of wood, vinyl, carpeting, and before any demolition, cleaning and treatment of the bottom.

In order to guarantee the agreed delivery dates, the Lavagnoli team knows that it will have to have a scrupulous organization, an enviable resistance to work and stress, great calm to face unexpected situations of any kind during the installation carried out directly, anywhere in the world.
The planning is meticulous. It is based on collaboration with the designer right from the start. To eliminate unspoken and misunderstandings at the root, the project analysis is very careful. This is followed by the choice of the most suitable material in terms of aesthetics and performance, transport, installation and even more importantly, supplier reliability.

Lavagnoli’s professionals conduct surveys on the ship, wherever it is located, to verify the project and the installation spaces. Every technical aspect is studied and defined in detail. The technical office on site processes the drawings and passes them on to the work, where the elegant and precise products, finished with every attention, come to life.
The packaging is planned with the necessary precautions, designed to facilitate the installation. It is there, on the ship, that the impeccable planning is revealed: unforeseen problems solved, creativity in solutions, useful tools foreseen, times and requests satisfied.
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