Lavagnoli Marmi, ideas dressed in marble and more

For 150 years Lavagnoli Marmi has been dedicated to the processing and transformation of natural stone. A production path of four generations that has been identified since its birth with a made in Italy production. Since then the company has specialised in complex, technologically advanced production processes with specialised personnel, without neglecting the value of craftsmanship.

Lavagnoli is on the market as a company capable of implementing any project according to the designer’s requirements, operating in particular in the residential, hotel, corporate and naval sectors, an area in which the company can boast a wealth of experience developed over the years to become a world leader. The skills developed are not limited to the processing of natural stone using increasingly advanced techniques, but become tools for being competitive by providing consultancy, design services, installation with management of construction sites all over the world and/or supervision of the local workforce. Planning capacity and punctual delivery of processed materials are the strengths of the Friuli-based company, which acts as an active partner in relations with architects and designers.

The transformation of natural stone, which comes from Italy but also from abroad to satisfy any taste, represents the hard core of Lavagnoli’s activity: cutting, turning, milling, polishing and various finishes are now carried out thanks to CNC machines, controlled by an integrated electronic device and managed in constant communication with the technical office. Thus, imposing walls are produced and customised in terms of shape and decoration, architectural and furnishing elements, inlaid floors, as well as unusual patterns for striking wall coverings. The sculptural element comes to life to satisfy creativity and imagination, from the large-scale study of hospitality environments to design and furnishing projects for the living, wellness or bathroom area.

The Ronchis (Ud) company has also developed great expertise in working with different materials, to offer the market complete projects from every point of view: architectural, structural and furnishing. In addition to natural stone such as marble and granite, skilfully worked by master craftsmen who still today enhance their creative value in the residential, interior and exterior furnishing sectors, the company also uses agglomerates, quartz-resin, ceramics and complementary compounds. In order to offer a “turnkey” job in the realisation of floor and wall coverings, Lavagnoli has also specialised in the processing and laying of mosaics, glass, steel, wood, Corian®, porcelain stoneware, carpets and fabrics, planks, PVC and linoleum.
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01_Navale: Nave da crociera Queen Mary II
02_Corporate: C.I.C. International Center for Conference, Algeri (Algeria)
03_Alberghiero: Sheraton Club des Pins Resort, Algeri (Algeria)
04_Residenziale: casa privata, Fiume Veneto (PN)
05_Residenziale: Complesso residenziale, Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD)
06_Navale: Nave da crociera Crystal Serenity
07: Embrace, Marmomac 2017