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Lake house with Cerdisa Ricchetti

In northern Finland, on the shores of a quiet lake surrounded by greenery, stands a residence recently renovated by Finnish architect Mikko Uotila. The interiors were designed based on the play of contrasting materials, precious finishes and design elements.

The building, which dates back to the 1970s, enjoys a favourable position due to its proximity to the lake shore. In fact, the architect comments: “The old building stood on the lake right next to the shore, and construction near the water is no longer permitted. This house is therefore a rare refuge on the shores of a quiet northern lake“. It was with this uniqueness and the predominant natural element in mind that Uotila redesigned the residence. “The building is made of fir and the log structure is about 300 mm thick“. Inside, these materials give the rooms a clean, minimalist character and create a sharp contrast with the dark-coloured cladding. The combination of the wood of the walls and the glossy black stoneware of the floors characterises most of the residence, such as the living room, the sleeping area and the kitchen. In the bathroom, on the other hand, only polished stoneware is used, although in different shades and formats. The wood is complemented by elements of brick, metal and mirrored surfaces.

We wanted materials that were easy to maintain but beautiful, first and foremost,” says the architect. We wanted materials that were easy to care for but beautiful, first and foremost” says the architect. “So the mirrored surfaces are reminiscent of reflections in the sky and water; the dark tones emphasise the light wood surfaces; and the high-quality floors in an architecture surrounded by wild nature create a surprise effect.” These games of contrast and overlapping of materials are achieved thanks to Golden Pure ceramic flooring, the Cerdisa Ricchetti Group‘s collection characterised by a classic style, re-proposed in a contemporary key, thanks to marble-effect porcelain stoneware tiles, featuring golden veins.

The play is therefore not only of colour and material between wood and black porcelain stoneware (Saint Laurent colour), but also and above all of style. One of the simplest and most common materials, wood, is combined with a texture that is anything but minimal and sober. The impact is strong but conveys all the personality of this project. The large format of the square modules (60×60 cm) confers cleanliness, breadth and gives an effect of continuity even on the outdoor terraces, where the collection is found. In keeping with the important and eccentric character of the finishes, the choice of furnishings is also oriented towards design elements with a strong personality: like the Eames Lounge Chair by Vitra, in the living room, which is accompanied by the sinuous coffee table by vidal XL with its drop-shaped base in a glossy white finish and tempered glass top.


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Design by architect Mikko Uotila
Project owner in Pukkila Simo Särme
Pictures Mikko Inkinen, Pukkila