KeenSystems Headquarters

KeenSystems is a high-tech company that has been active since 2004 and provides advanced communication services with sophisticated technologies.

KeenSystems’ headquarters are located on the ring road in the village of Gemert, the Netherlands, which offers employees a green and stimulating environment in which to work.
In addition, the building’s technology did not require a particular location in relation to a city or high-tech campus; and the software is developed, tested and maintained by Gemert.

On the land following the ring road, a noise barrier was extended and completed, protecting the residential area from traffic noise, reinforcing the idea of nature and well-being of the site.
This barrier ends at the access road to the residential area.
From here it is possible to cross a path and reach the office with the main entrance.

The structure is divided into three floors.
Each floor has its own specific function that can be sensed from both inside and outside.
The recessed ground floor houses support functions for the offices. In addition to these services and storerooms, a common relaxation area – where it is also possible to play video games – has been created inside.

The first floor, the largest rectangular volume, houses all the operational teams. The volume is oriented in such a way that the long facades focus on the green pond to the northwest and the historic farmland, Bolle Akker in Dutch, to the southeast, allowing employees a magnificent view at all times.

On the second floor, a mirrored box houses the conference room and canteen with an adjacent outdoor space between the grass roof. Both the structure and the application of materials are intended to emphasise the hi-tech character of KeenSystems. The volume above the sound barrier features a steel spaceframe in the facades that allows the volume to cantilever dramatically. The copper-coloured anodised aluminium and mirrored glass are detailed and constructed with surgical precision.

All rooms in the building can be heated and cooled through fluid and air floor systems, and the longitudinal facades face south and north. Therefore, the heat and cooling loads in adjacent rooms vary.
The intelligent climate control system is able to change the natural heating and cooling between the different rooms. For example, rooms on the north side can benefit from space heating on the south side and vice versa.


PROJECT KeenSystems Headquarters hi-tech telecom provider
YEAR 2020
PROJECT TEAM Dennis van de Rijdt, Peter Verschuren, Leonique Winnen, Celine Hendriks
STRUCTURAL EINGENEER Archimedes, Eindhoven
CONTRACTOR Boubedrijf Hendriks, Gemert
PHOTO René de Wit photos Denkkame, Ad de Rooji