ITALIST Prosecco Bar in Kyiv

The new Italist restaurant chain opens its doors to the first Italian-style bar in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, which represents the culinary traditions and pleasure of life typical of travellers in the Bel Paese.

The concept and layout of the restaurant were designed by brothers Vladimir and Aleksandr Yudin from YUDIN Design studio, who combined the interior functionality with the style of the brand.

Italist Prosecco Bar is located in the centre of the city, far from the multi-million dollar Kyiv, which makes the setting even more suitable for reproducing the positive atmosphere of Italian bars, in a structure of limited size that therefore needed to be exploited in the best possible way.

The brothers proposed different solutions. The factory was decorated with glass displays and brass panels where the bottles are stored.
The interior space is developed around the buffet bar, a transparent structure with a dynamic arrangement of dishes and bright colours, where you can enjoy the evening aperitif type of “bella vita”.
“Dream without fear!” “Made with love”, among the various expressions or motivational phrases in Italian positioned in each area of the Prosecco Bar and on the different devices, such as menus or napkin holders.
In addition to arranging the reduced interior spaces of the bar in terms of creativity and functionality, Yudin designers also designed the furniture and sofas suitable for this little glimpse of Italy in the Ukrainian city.
Even the floral details were not randomly picked: the plants chosen by the designers are in fact typical of the colourful Italian landscapes, illuminated by the light of the panoramic windows, giving the restaurant a pleasant mood.

The Yudin brothers were then inspired by the cinematographic character of Italy, proposing the installation of a projector inside the restaurant, where they could show various pieces of artwork that have made the history of Italian cinema.

Finally, the packaging elements of the take-away food were also designed maintaining the style of the Italist Prosecco Bar brand, showing a strong attention to detail.

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LOCATION Kyiv, Ukraine
YEAR 2019
PHOTO Sergey Savchenko