Italian creativity in a room

Zambaiti Parati, a reference company in the wallcoverings sector, presents the new Project collection of the Zambaiti Contract brand, the new design and production path strongly oriented towards customisation with the aim of proposing decorative products created to measure and modulated on various types of support, natural and on fabric.

Zambaiti Contract’s Project collection celebrates the essence of Italian style in a daily mood of elegant, discreet and enveloping joy in living spaces. The Collection is the brainchild of Zambaiti CreativeLab, the research and development centre within the style office, the creative heart of the Albino plant, which has worked in constant dialogue with architects Eleonora Sassoli, Gianluigi Landoni, Emanuele Svetti, Andrea Auletta and Roberto Semprini, who were given the task of interpreting an artistic theme through their own vision.

The choice of a premium quality print on media of exceptional technical prominence, is designed and produced to measure for the contract and residential world, both in standard sizes and with the possibility of resizing each graphic theme to create oversized spaces.
The Project collection proposes four supports: Pareti Vive, Waterproof, Acoustic and Protection, which offer high levels of performance and quality to adapt to every customer’s needs: from the completely natural coating, to the technical one based on fibreglass; from the support designed to reduce acoustic impact, to the one offering exceptional performance, such as fire resistance, antibacterial treatment and resistance to impact and abrasion.

The themes interpreted for the new wallpapers: “Luce” by architect Eleonora Sassoli; “Frammenti di Classicità” by architect Gianluigi Ladoni; “Metafisica dell’Anima” by architect Emanuele Svetti; “E, soprattutto, sempre rinasce” by interior designer Andrea Auletta; “Neo-Baroque” by architect Roberto Semprini are particularly evocative and immediately declare a strong evocative intent.

The Macchiaioli, nature and colours are the basic themes of Luce, the Collection designed by Eleonora Sassoli that opens up new visions and sensations in the scenario of space to be experienced in the pictorial transposition of light.
In Gianluigi Landoni’s visual concepts for the Collection Frammenti di Classicità the idea was to transport onto the walls in graphic forms, the signs, structures and architectural meshes of the masters of Milanese architecture, from Giovanni Muzio and Giò Ponti, through Figini and Pollini to Aldo Rossi, with a personal graphic interpretation of manipulation.
For the Metafisica dell’Anima Collection, Emanuele Svetti has crossed a dimension populated by fairy-tale landscapes, mythological figures and celebrations of the classical, immersed in a surreal beauty that fluctuates between dream and reality, generating a sort of Surreality. Andrea Auletta has chosen to investigate the motifs of the Italian Renaissance with its geometries, chromatic paths, particular qualities of surfaces and atmospheres and has isolated details to reinterpret them in the Collection And, above all, always reborn.
Neo-Baroque by Roberto Semprini is a journey into an immodest and imposing style, marvellous and tragic, of great aesthetic effect, which generates a Collection capable of recounting the symbols of the Baroque through a reinterpretation linked to contemporary aesthetics with a reference to frescoes, architecture, decorations, interiors of churches and historic Sicilian noble residences.
And finally the Forme collection, by Zambaiti CreativeLab, which has developed a collection with graphisms recalling nature and its colours: lights, vegetables, stratifications.
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