Intarsio, the 50’s and Dressup

Innovation, clean lines, customisation, and dialogue are the concepts that define the Intarsio system, the project conceived and designed by Garcia Cumini for Cesar.
The concept of Intarsio was inspired by the deconstruction of the two-dimensional surface of a door, aiming to dismantle and modify the final aesthetic result, both in the geometry and in the grain of the wood. The double decomposition highlights the harmonic and skilfully polished effect that Cesar is capable of creating in its treatment of wood, a traditional material that is already esteemed in and of itself, and which is further ennobled in order to lend the Intarsio system its exclusive and distinctive character.

Intarsio confirms the close attention to detail which Cesar dedicates in its creation of elegant and functional products; a combination of beauty, aesthetic sensibility, and design that identify it as a model which views the kitchen as a space that integrates into and communicates with the rest of the house. The option of combining Intarsio with the home elements (the complementary products within the Cesar catalogue) makes it possible to overcome the conventional division of spaces. The transverse nature of Intarsio, thanks to a selection of seven wood finishes that vary from a delicate Rovere Nordico to a bolder Rovere Termocotto and an original Noce Desaturato, makes it possible to create solutions of continuity between the kitchen and living rooms in a single domestic environment.

With an opening towards the other areas of the house, Intarsio can skilfully marry the elegant symmetry of The 50’s wall system: the bookcase system evolves and becomes double-sided, rising up to the ceiling and conquering the center of the room. This architectural feature makes it possible for environments with different purposes to communicate with one another thanks to a skilled alternation and juxtaposition of full and empty spaces, thus reflecting a fluid and contemporary lifestyle.

For those who are looking for a different, less traditional way of living the kitchen and a perfect Intarsio to the living area, Dressup is the flawless answer: innovative solution to dress the walls, designed by focusing on the combination of lightness and technology. Easily customizable in size and composition, it can also furnish an Intarsio wall or, where necessary, fit the linear development of the Dressup Line variation.

Among the elements that amplify the suggestion of Dressup, the combination with Art Collection, the sophisticated decoration that enhances the original function of the splashback. The panel shows refined painting-like still lifes, the work of the collaboration with the Venetian photographer Zaira Zarotti: vintage compositions, mainly floral, that recall the tradition of Renaissance natura morta.

The environment created by the combination between Intarsio, The 50’s and Dressup acquires a deeply personal strength and elegance, stimulating emotions and impressions that highlight the sophisticated taste of those who live in the space and the inclination towards a concept of decor that constantly combines aesthetics and functionality.
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