Innovation, technology and design by RAK Ceramics

RAK Ceramics, world leader in the production of bathroom furnishings and ceramics for floors and walls, is continuously pushing the boundaries of product and process innovation. Unglazed porcelain, ceramics, sanitaryware, furnishings, and accessories are all part of the Imagine Your Space brand concept, which has helped the company become a go-to brand for Lifestyle solutions in recent years.

RAK Ceramics was one of the first companies to recognise the new needs associated with modern architecture and interior design by investing in technological innovations to produce large-format porcelain tiles. Reduced grouts between elements provide a new way to maximise available space by creating elegant visual effects through surface continuity, making rooms appear more spacious and homogeneous.

The Emirati company is renewing its participation this year at CERSAIE, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings taking place in Bologna from 26 to 30 September (HALL 36, STAND A22-B25). The exhibition’s protagonists are mainly porcelain ceramic collections created using new technological processes that provide impactful visual and sensory characteristics. TIBUR FROM BAALBEK tiles evoke ancient Mediterranean architecture, while B-MATERIA is an innovative concept that combines different surfaces such as marble and stone. SEAWOOD is inspired by marine wood found on beaches, while DARK INK is inspired by Venice and its artisans.

“We are delighted to present our innovative ceramic collections at Cersaie 2022,” says Abdallah Massaad, Group CEO of RAK Ceramics, “particularly at this historic moment in time when we are achieving very impressive results.” We increased turnover by 32.3% year on year in Q2 2022 and 7.7% year on year in Q2 2022 compared to Q2 2021. Cersaie is an important and strategically event for RAK Ceramics. We have worked hard in recent months to strengthen our position as a lifestyle solution provider by developing new collections for floors, walls, and large formats, as well as experimenting with cutting-edge technologies.”

Leonardo De Muro, Vice President of RAK Ceramics concludes by saying: “The RAK Ceramics brand is gaining strength and recognition in European and global markets, owing to the company’s strong ability to experiment, produce, and distribute hi-tech innovations for residential and commercial projects. We will continue to develop design collections and projects that put modern technology, matter, creativity, space, and light at the centre, and tell a story about a reality that is always in motion, stimulating contaminations, and proposing experiences, atmospheres, and objects capable of transmitting an engaging energy.”


Here is an overview of the most innovative RAK Ceramics products:


New technologies for floors and walls


Absolute Matt is the most recent innovation developed by RAK Ceramics R&D. Consider a tile with a no-reflection surface and a completely non-glossy finish. An extraordinary technological achievement that takes the concept of matt to new heights by enabling tiles to achieve an extra-matt surface. Absolute Matt enhances the tile’s natural texture and durability, meeting the aesthetic and functional requirements of any design project. Absolute Matt is available in the Milano Stone, Concrete Project, Metamorfosi, Station and Clay Stone collections

  • ORBIT 3Rs

RAK Ceramics R&D created ORBIT 3Rs as one of their innovations. It is an excellent choice for architects and interior designers due to its high technical performance, which is due to the raw materials that make it resistant to weather and the effects of time. The durable and compact structure of these products lends an exclusive design and a natural effect to the tiles, making them ideal for new construction trends and tailoring private homes for both outdoor and indoor environments. The Orbit 3Rs were chosen due to their low maintenance requirements and adaptability. RAK Ceramics is dedicated to preserving the environment by introducing eco-friendly products. This material is made using solid ceramic waste from other manufacturing steps. By using up to 95% recycled materials in the manufacturing process, Orbit 3R contributes to reduction, reuse, and recycling.Orbit 3Rs is available in the new collections Creative Concrete, Harbor Stone, Steam Stone, Carmo Stone, Loft Concrete and many more.


Klima is an innovative technology developed by RAK Ceramics R&D that has enabled the creation of next-generation tiles capable of absorbing and rejecting heat based on various needs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, floors, and external façades, ensuring maximum comfort while consuming the least amount of energy. RAK Ceramics is constantly engaged in research and innovation to develop products that are environmentally sustainable and contribute to energy savings in order to preserve the ecosystem. Klima retains heat from the environment and distributes it throughout the entire indoor space, resulting in a warmer surface to the touch than a standard surface. At the same time, it is ideal for outdoor surfaces because the tiles can repel the heat of the sun’s rays while withstanding higher temperatures. Even when exposed to direct sunlight, the surface does not become hot, and the floor always remains cool and pleasant to walk on barefoot. This technology, when applied to ventilated external façades, limits heat dispersion while maintaining a stable temperature inside the home, thereby contributing to lower energy consumption in living spaces.Klima, is available in Creative Concrete, Harbor Stone, Carmo Stone and many other collections.


New ceramic collections present at Cersaie 2022


The meaning of the word itself, reproduction, has given rise to a new concept where colour shades and material effects perfectly imitate oxidised metal slabs. Warm tones in light and dark colours compose the range enriched by a mix of surface colours to accurately reproduce the rust effect giving a touch of absolute realism. An industrial chic style that brings freshness and elegance to environments.


Seawood is inspired by the logs that are carried by rivers and the sea and are recovered on beaches. These logs are partially consumed by salt, wind, sun, and water, giving them a unique appearance that lends itself to being used for an elegant and modern parquet. The central trunk has unique colours and aesthetic features.


B-MATERIA is created when stone and marble combine. A new design concept that blends into both traditional and modern environments, available in two complementary colours. Two different surfaces merged into one tile – the timeless beauty of marble and the charm of stone.


Venice, one of Italy’s wonders, is known for transforming even simple objects like glass into a work of art. Even on the Venetian floor, the sensitivity and talent of artisans was able to transform it into timeless beauty.  In Dark Ink, the disorder of the terrazzo granules finds harmony in the colours of black and white, resulting in a modern reinterpretation of Venetian battuto flooring. The mosaic and black brick in matt finish add design and elegance to the collection


A collection that embraces the history of Italian architecture from Rome to Baalbek, Lebanon, famous for its monumental Roman temple ruins. The return of a classic natural stone like travertine, reinterpreted in a contemporary way. Three different graphics combined by colour and surface characteristics. Warm, Mediterranean tones, from ivory to beige and grey, express elegance and purity and match each other harmoniously. A new design concept that will satisfy all interior design requests.


The collection combines the material charm of trowelled resin-effect porcelain slabs with multiple vivid colours and bold décors. Drawing on the scenic beauty of large-format slabs, this modern series features a striking spectrum of nature-inspired forms and colours. From vibrant blue, ivory and pink tones as base colours to lush tropical leaves and blossoming flowers as decorative patterns, Metamorfosi pays tribute to nature’s majestic shapes and visual effects. The surface movements are beautifully rendered on the ceramic tile, as if applied by hand with a spatula, in a modern revisitation of Venetian plaster techniques. Available in 9 colours and 11 decors, this truly eclectic collection offers a multitude of interior design applications and combinations. An ideal choice for residential and commercial settings alike.


Stone used in the old docks typical of the Normandy coast between Mont-Saint-Michel and Le Tréport where cliffs, picturesque harbours, majestic cliffs, villages and stacks alternate. A minimal product developed in muted tones, perfect for both outdoor and indoor environments.



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