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INNOVA, when industry joins forces with nature

INNOVA presents the eHPoca GEO WW geothermal heat pumps, the most efficient and cost-effective solution for air-conditioning buildings using heat from groundwater or soil.

Conventional” heat pumps are electrically powered thermo-cooling machines that have long been considered one of the most efficient, high-performance energy solutions for air-conditioning buildings in summer and winter through heat exchange with an external renewable source, usually air. In this case, however, the lower the temperature of the air used, the lower the efficiency of the heat pump, which in order to obtain the necessary climate will have to use a higher quantity of electrical energy, inevitably losing efficiency.
In order to maintain the highest levels of efficiency in all climatic conditions, INNOVA has developed eHPoca GEO WW, the geothermal heat pump that uses two other elements present in nature as an external source: groundwater and the temperature of the ground, two energy sources that guarantee a constant temperature (10÷15 °C) all year round, for the benefit of stable operation and a much higher efficiency compared to the classic air heat pump.
The high efficiency of eHPoca GEO WW by INNOVA allows to dedicate to the air conditioning a minimum share of the electrical energy that, in a building with high energy performance, can be produced by a photovoltaic field and stored in a storage battery to cope with periods of low sunlight.
INNOVA’s eHPoca GEO WW is therefore to be considered a true “heart” for obtaining a high-performance air-conditioning system with practically no environmental impact.
The use of a geothermal plant of this type is a highly sustainable solution, indicated in small and large buildings located in areas with a rigid climate (winter and summer) built above a water table or that have surrounding land (necessary for the creation of wells or the geothermal field) or equipped with a ring or “waterloop” plant (very common in commercial applications).
In order to obtain heat exchange, in fact, it is necessary to create open circuit wells with groundwater, or a field composed of horizontal or vertical underground probes (closed circuit with water + glycol), equipped with a simple circulation pump and, downstream of the geothermal heat pump, a thermostatic accumulator suggested to give additional inertia to the system, to the advantage of greater energy savings.
Even if characterised by a higher initial cost, a geothermal system realised with INNOVA’s eHPoca GEO WW heat pumps is a real investment which, by eliminating the expenses due to air conditioning and domestic hot water for the home, will pay for itself in a few years.
These heat pumps have extremely small dimensions (500 mm. (W) x 380 mm. (D) x 825 mm. (H) . In addition, they can be combined with a separate tank for the production of domestic hot water with a capacity of 170 litres to create an integrated and complete system for both summer and winter air-conditioning and water-sanitary needs.
Thanks to the possibility of flanking several units with cascade operation, in order to cope with higher heating and cooling needs, eHPoca GEO WW is the ideal solution for any application in the residential (single/double-family, condominiums) and tertiary/hotel sectors.

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