INNOVA: the project of the Castle of Petrata di Assisi

Situated on a hilltop in Assisi, Castello di Petrata was once an abandoned medieval fortress which, thanks to the efforts of engineer Romualdo Landrini and architect Giuseppina Orbi and the preservation of its original features, has now been transformed into a modern relais perfectly integrated with its surroundings. The result is a building made of exposed stone, with customised rooms and suites, a swimming pool, restaurant, banquet rooms and a wellness centre: a perfect place to relax and rest from everyday life.

The increased flow of tourists with more sophisticated air conditioning requirements quickly made obsolete the old ceiling fans, which were the only refrigeration system. The new system, in addition to perfect climate management, also had to meet precise requirements regarding silence (the units had to be installed in the bedrooms), ease of installation and aesthetic impact.

To meet the needs of this particular reality, the designer, Studio Raffaele Valecchi of Bastia Umbra, chose INNOVA’s 2.0: a single-block air/air conditioner, without an external unit and requiring no plumbing work for installation. Each unit is an independent plug-in machine that carries its own hermetic refrigeration circuit with condenser, evaporator and compressor in a single body. INNOVA’s 2.0 is a machine that not only meets the needs of cooling, but also functions as a heat pump.

With this solution, INNOVA has managed to achieve levels of silence that are unequalled on the market. Moreover, installation of these units does not require invasive structural work.

With this 2.0 application, INNOVA demonstrates that it is the right solution for partial requalification needs with minimal intervention on existing structures, even in historical and structurally peculiar buildings such as a medieval castle, without requiring the stoppage of activities, in this case an element of primary importance for a high level accommodation facility.

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