IN & OUT LIVING. New visions of contemporary living

A cycle of conferences on 13-14-16 September during HOMI, conceived and conducted in collaboration with PLATFORM Architecture and Design magazine, which will have the purpose of representing a sort of state of the art of designing outodoor spaces.

In recent years, outdoor spaces have increased in correspondence with a greater collective awareness of green and welfare issues. The need to enhance open spaces at the design level, even when it comes to simple terraces, has meant that the living perimeter has expanded, also including the external areas that until a few years ago did not enjoy the same value.
On the other hand, this process of expanding and integrating outdoor spaces into the housing project, but also into commercial and hospitality, has created a curious process of design osmosis thanks to which complements designed only a few years ago for outdoor spaces are integrated now into the interior spaces and vice versa; areas traditionally designed for indoor spaces – for example, kitchens – are fully included in outdoor spaces, thus adding new features to these areas.
In short, we entered the era in which IN and OUT are complementary and perfectly integrated: the living trespassing into the outdoor spaces, and the green and the outdoor penetrates into the design of interior design, creating a permeability and continuity of the environments as never seen before.
To offer an exhaustive overview and to photograph how the design of these spaces has evolved and changed in recent years, 11 projects by Italian authors have been selected, chosen according to a criterion of design quality, but also to offer a broad overview in terms of scale of projects, but also in the sense of use of the areas. From the small private terrace in the large urban centers, to the commercial spaces, up to the reception areas.

The program, will be held on the 13th September from 2pm to 4pm; September 14 from 10.30 am to 12.30 am and September 16 from 10.30 am to 12.30 am.