Imperfect beauty

Concrete, plywood, paintings and plants are elements of a conscious work that results in a flat for a family that becomes a symbol of playful imperfection and strategic incompleteness. The academic artist family contacted studio NEUHÄUSL HUNAL in late summer 2019 regarding the reconstruction of a fairly small flat in a panel house. The flat required a complete reconstruction to fit the needs of the young family with a small child. The very decisive limitation of the project was the limited budget, however in this case, quite compensated by the mutual understanding between architects and clients. The answer, for such a special assignment, was an architecture of improvisation, a relaxed and free space that pushes the potential to its users.

The core of the design creates life itself, furniture from the clients’ old flat, art made by themselves and their friends, second-hand lighting or the fact that some of the reconstruction work was done in-house. The entrance hall and the kitchen have been connected by a linear grid of tiles which have also been poured onto the walls. The interruption of the grid above the cooker creates a cooking altar. Obligatory glass bricks illuminate the bathroom with turquoise grouting. The original doors have been demolished and the openings in the concrete walls have been retained with a rough cut. In addition, the load-bearing walls and ceilings were cleaned to the concrete as far as possible. Finally, the installed tin doors allow creative work with magnets and complete the avant-garde character of the corridor in contrast to the intimacy of the living rooms.

Within the layout, no significant construction changes have occurred. However, the living space was functionally connected to the bedroom, which allowed the emergence of an independent (children’s) room. In terms of furniture, using plywood, we created three main interventions: multifunctional open storage block in the hallway, full-wall wardrobe block in the main room, and full kitchen with dining area. A home that makes its imperfections its strong point and lets the creative aura that permeates the whole flat be the real star of this bespoke space. 

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Project: Painters´ Apartment
Year: 2020