Illuminate Paris! a temporary housing to answer the migrant crisis

“Illuminate Paris!” proposes a luminous installation adaptable in a temporary housing to answer the migrant crisis under the aerial subway line in Paris. 

Illuminate Paris!” supports the City’s approach and the Associations who give assistance to the refugees (France Terre d’Asile, Emmaus) into themigrant crisis by creating a field of experiences and learning, unifying and fun, open to all in order to change our vision and practices in the urban world. The project proposes a simple solution: to reclaim public spaces under the aerial subway line in a civic, collective and concrete way to gather Parisians and refugees thanks to a modular, multifunctional and reversible installation. Offer a fun and safe walk while entertaining. 
Real artistic installation, the lanterns are mobile and adaptable according to the program. Simple urban lighting at night, they become organic architecture during the day. “Illuminate Paris!” isboth : a playground area for kids, a green space with vegetation for the pedestrians, a temporary accomodation for the refugees … etc. 

The recycled transparent polypropylene canvas evokes the essence of the new place: an open, bright, visible and accessible space. The circular structure, coil spring bamboo tube, is articulated like a liana around the canvas and unfolds with a simple rope that pulls. 

“Illuminate Paris!” Highlights this vital need for well-being in the city and opens up new potentialities. Itpromotes and values ​​the social connection, the cultural exchanges and the practice of collective activities.

Project: Illuminate Paris!
Location : under the aerial line subway stations – Paris – FRANCE
Program: temporary urban furniture
Design Team :Axel de Stampa / Sylvain Macaux / Sophie Picoty / Natalia Fuentes
Year: 2018
Area: 12,5sqm