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How can a pivot door create an exclusive design?

Doors fitted with Fritsjurgens pivot hinges can be regarded as true design manifestos. In fact, the hinges are designed to be concealed inside the door, using only two small support plates as the only external element. In contrast, traditionally pivot doors involved a complex installation requiring the recessing of a pump in the floor – often complemented by an exposed door closer arm at the top of the door leaf – FritsJurgens has literally revolutionised the industry by bringing about a major innovation in pivot door movement technology.

In fact, FritsJurgens invisible pivot hinges are an absolutely non-invasive solution that is extremely easy and quick to install, providing the door with a smooth, elegant and totally controlled movement. Thanks to their extremely high load capacity – up to 500 kg – and compatibility with doors made of any material, FritsJurgens pivot hinges give designers and architects a virtually unlimited range of creative possibilities.

One of the distinctive features of the pivot door is its movement, which is totally different from a door with traditional hinges. In fact, the pivot door rotates around an internal, invisible vertical axis: a characteristic that makes it unique, giving it a movement of extraordinary fluidity and elegance. In addition, this type of door allows great freedom in the choice of materials, weight and dimensions: pivot doors can be made of almost any material. From wood to steel, glass to aluminium, copper, marble and even mosaic. The wide range of materials available to the designer or manufacturer of a pivot door also facilitates soundproofing, which can be achieved by insulating the door leaf internally or by covering its outer surface with a sound-absorbing material – such as felt, for example. This is a very useful feature, not only when designing doors for public spaces (offices and elsewhere), but also to ensure an optimal level of privacy in the home.

With the right pivot hinge, there are no limits: neither in height nor in weight, the door can take loads of up to 500 kg. The pivot door also breaks down the limits imposed by the use of frames or handles; the door leaf can conceal itself inside a wall, and then open to reveal an invisible gap within it. It is even possible to design a secret passage through a pivoting bookcase. By becoming a pivoting panel, the pivoting door can be transformed into an extraordinary room divider: when open, it becomes an integral part of the interior design, making spaces communicate with each other seamlessly. When closed to separate rooms, the pivot door integrates into the wall, becoming almost invisible.


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