House on Lugano Lake

The house, a post World War II stone building, is located on a steep slope of a mountain overlooking Lake Lugano, on the boundary between the urbanised area and a dense woodland surrounding it.
The project involved small but important interventions on the façades, as well as a complete renovation of the interior spaces to create a home for a young family who wanted to create a strong link between the house, the lake and the surrounding nature.

The external wooden balcony, which contrasts with the local stone façades, is redesigned while maintaining its typological character intact: the twin mullions and the new metal parapet define a contemporary style without ever departing from tradition. The wooden elements of the façades, painted black, connect with the dark light colours of the vegetation and landscape.

The functional organisation of the new house follows the trace of the original one: a large living area on the ground floor and the sleeping area on the upper floor, with three bedrooms overlooking the balcony/balcony facing south and the lake.
In the living area, the creation of a service strip to the north that accommodates the kitchen, utility room, bookcase, staircase and fireplace, and the definition of an entrance area with cloakroom and service bathroom, free up the space of the large living room. An island sofa, a round table and the kitchen counter inhabit the space and can be experienced at 360 degrees, relating with all sides of the living room and with the light and view from the windows.

The window frames become natural oak frames to frame the lake and the landscape, the real new protagonists of the house. The interior spaces, consequently, are characterised by warm, neutral colours, such as the floor and the polished concrete staircase/fireplace block, and by natural materials such as the boiserie, the kitchen and the custom-made furniture all in natural oak.
The reinforced concrete structure is denuded and brought into view while the walls and ceilings, clad in lime plaster, delicately reflect the natural light coming in through the many windows; the only note of colour are the green serpentine stone inserts in the fireplace and kitchen.
On the upper floor, the atmosphere becomes more domestic with the old bedroom doors that have been recovered and the solid oak plank flooring.

The master bedroom is conceived as a true suite, a fluid sequence of spaces with bed area, bathroom, study and walk-in wardrobe. The shower is a volume covered in opaline glass that manages the division and privacy between the rooms. The interior of the shower, as well as the washbasin units in the two bathrooms, are green serpentine monoliths, contrasting with the light shades of the wall coverings.
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Project: House on Lake Lugano
Studio: Studio Wok
Location: Lake Lugano, Switzerland
Photos: Marcello Mariana Studio