House of Rohl: a story of craftsmanship

House of Rohl brings together within it four distinct brands united by a single idea of the future. The Group continues to tell stories of skilled craftsmanship, stories of dedication and passion, of art and heritage.

Riobel faucets, born in Quebec, embody the city’s fusion of European culture and North American charm. The brassware features a brilliant modern aesthetic that, combined with advanced engineering, creates innovative products designed to be easy to use and capable of bringing a touch of luxury to everyday life. A geometric expression of the brand that embodies Riobel’s design principles is the Parabola collection, winner of the 13th Grands Prix du Design.

Riobel’s sister is Perrin & Rowe, which includes collections of British-style washbasins, sanitary ware, and faucets. These items showcase the richness of hand-polished finishes, the details of a faucet lever or shower valve; these are nuances not immediately grasped by the eye, but that-when taken together-create a distinctly impeccable craftsmanship. Perrin & Rowe items are hand forged in small quantities to ensure high quality standards.

The bathtubs of the third brand, Victoria + Albert, are sculptural forms of absolute beauty. Coveted for their presence, designed to sublimate bathrooms, they transform the space into a sanctuary of luxury. Descending waves and minimalist angles are expressed in a spectrum of colors and a design range from classic to modern. Victoria + Albert presents many designs available in an endless amount of color variations.

Finally, the fourth and final brand, Shaws is a brand with 125 years of history and tradition, whose fireclay sinks with deep, high-gloss finishes are handcrafted, an art handed down by master craftsmen who have taken turns over time. Their passion and pride come through clearly in the result: a unique, beautiful and timeless sink.


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