Hotel Conrad Hangzhou Tonglu and PROL

PRO LIGHTING brings the concept of exploring the value of light to China. The studio, founded by Li Hui and Fu Li in 2010, is among the most renowned agencies in the field of light design, defined by the media as a quiet, thoughtful, purifying experience, characterised by a highly refined oriental aesthetic and also by a magical commercial value.

The Conrad Hangzhou Tonglu Hotel was built in a green, tranquil hilly area characterised by the striking Steam Mountains, surrounded by the water sources of the Fuchun River, Qiandao Lake and Tianxi Lake.
Winner of the Lighting Design Award 2019, the Gold Award 2020 and the Meishang Award, the project focuses on the use of light, not only as night lighting, but also as a means of “hiding” the hotel in the forest, so that it becomes one with the natural elements of the mountain, to offer guests a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Designing darkness before designing light. This was the mantra followed by PRO L in developing the resort, introducing moonlight as the starting point of the concept.
The cantilevered fishbone structure embedded in the guest room building is combined with the light points of the recessed eaves in the main building.
Although there is no visible light source on the top and façade of the building, the light pouring in over the eaves and corners outlines the simple, elegant form of the front façade, while the side lights blend in with the natural light outside. The buildings therefore appear to be scattered along the mountainside and in the valley.

Inside the hotel, PROL designed the lighting in different ways according to the functional differences of the different areas.
In the lobby, four tall trees enclosed by round sofas are undoubtedly the focal point of the room. The light source illuminates the canopy upwards, casting the shadows of the trees on the ceiling, while the light sources at the highest points are poured downwards. In this way, the shadows of the trees are arranged randomly in space, like a real natural landscape.

Inspired by the local fauna, the designers have created bird-shaped wall lamps on both sides of the pool, while decorations and material shapes create plays of light throughout the space.

“The experience of light must come from the heart and go back to nature. This is the metaphorical oriental beauty, as well as the oriental philosophy”.


PROJECT Conrad Hangzhou Tonglu
ARCHITECT Hanjia Design Group
LOCATION Zhejiang, China
YEAR 2019
PHOTO Zhong Yonggang