High Life Villa, a project with Pimar

Villa High Life is a luxury residence located at Virginia Water in the county of Surrey in England in an elite golf course area on the outskirts of London. The villa is characterised by a very sober neoclassical style: extremely clean geometries are the recurring motif and are emphasised in every architectural element of the facades. The cladding of the building, as well as the external floors, the swimming pool and the annexe area are made of beige-coloured Pimar stone.

The well-balanced main façade is characterised by the imposing upper tympanum, the portico below supported by four Doric columns and the corner ashlars that close the front at the ends and give the building a kind of monumentality. The window frames are made with sharply cut stepped shapes to emphasise the geometry of the façade. The back of the building is characterised as an exact mirror of the main front, except for the porch on the front which is replaced in the back by a protruding glazed room with an upper balcony.

The anchoring structure used is the punctual ventilated façade system in which each slab is fixed on individual hooks with an air chamber in between and thermal insulation. All joints are closed and well grouted in order to guarantee as much as possible the imposing monolithic appearance desired by the client. Pimar Stones were also used for the indoor spa area, which is also characterised by an extreme sobriety in which the elements provided are not only floors and washbasins but also wonderful wall tiles with delicately worked surfaces reminiscent of sea waves.


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