HabC2 333, Şişecam Project in Harmony with Nature

Flat glass products of Şişecam, the only global player operating in all key areas of glass and an innovational leader flat glass industry, were preferred in the habC2 333 project in Ankara. Şişecam Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass Neutral 62/44 and Şişecam Low-E Glass products were used in triple-glazed insulating glass units in the project, which was shaped with the idea of creating a culture and environment that moves from conventional structures to energy-efficient systems built from natural materials integrated into nature with harmony.

The project designed by İki Mimar Architecture is one of the reference projects brought to life with the innovative products of Şişecam; that pioneers many firsts in the field of flat glass, and leads the development of the flat glass industry.

“Şişecam Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass Neutral 62/44” and “Şişecam Low-E Glass” products were preferred for the project, which provided four times less heat loss compared to conventional buildings. Thanks to the triple-glazed insulating glass unit, 81% thermal insulation and 57% more effective daylight control were achieved compared to the uncoated double-glazed insulating glass unit.

In the project, which meets all of its heating, cooling, and electrical energy needs with solar panels, the investment made for the solar energy system pays off in 2-3 years. Thanks to the fact that the structure is higher than the ground, the soil is interfered with as little as possible.

In the project, which uses technologies that minimize carbon emissions by utilizing renewable energies such as solar energy, high vertical glass units ensure maximum use of daylight, while increasing business performance and creativity. A wide-glazed opening in the meeting room at the center of the office establishes visual continuity with the building’s exterior. The front and back terraces give the opportunity to enjoy every hour of the day in the most efficient way.


Photography: İki Mimar Architecture


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