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Gibus: together we accelerate innovation

It is through a digital event, with a highly innovative format, that Gibus has chosen to meet also this year its Ateliers, authorized and selected retailers, with which the well-known SME shares addresses and strategic visions. As in fact happened in 2021, the important company – at the forefront of the Outdoor and sun protection market at a global level – decided to dialogue with the excellence of the Italian and European sales force by focusing on technology and organising a remote meeting that brought together over 450 partners. In the first half of March, during the Red Workshop event “Together we accelerate innovation“, Gibus offered its Ateliers a real digital immersion that, in two afternoons, thanks to a fluid narration with several speakers, allowed them to focus on the company’s novelties and development drivers.

Strengthening of the leadership in Italy, growth in Europe, expansion of the product range, digitisation of processes, orientation towards excellence in training and maximum attention to sustainability: these were some of the most important topics discussed by the company during the event.


Welcoming the event was Gibus Sales Director Alessandro Parise, who took stock of the extraordinary results achieved last year. “Despite an extremely difficult year in 2021, due to the pandemic and out-of-control increases in raw materials and components,” said the Sales Director, “Gibus has managed to respond to an unparalleled increase in demand, strengthening its position as leader on the Italian market and continuing its unstoppable growth at European level: Here, especially in France and Germany, the company meets with increasing appreciation and, to ride this trend, we are structuring with new resources, services and people that will help us to better interpret the needs of these markets as well as to adequately translate the value of made in Italy and especially the brand Gibus.


During his speech, Gianfranco Bellin, President and CEO of the Padua-based SME, instead wanted to reiterate the crucial importance of the Gibus Atelier network – the fulcrum of a business model that has once again proved to be a winner – thanking all the partners for their professionalism, dedication to work and the ability demonstrated in coping with the whirlwind growth that has characterised recent times. “In this first period of the year,” said the CEO of Gibus, “consumer interest in outdoor products has been confirmed, so much so that we expect 2022 to be substantially in line with 2021. In the coming months, the company will then further increase the path of digitisation of processes, already accelerated last year in order to address an almost double work with efficiency, speed and competitiveness. Another essential driver of development will be sustainability, which will guide all corporate and production choices. Even the new Gibus headquarters, whose construction will begin in Teolo in 2022, will be built with the utmost attention to environmental impact and will be able to count on sustainable, cutting-edge, high-efficiency, low-consumption technological systems.”


It was then the turn of Alessio Bellin, Managing Director of Gibus, who presented the new products that the company will introduce on the market in 2022, extremely advanced mechatronic solutions, characterised by high value performance and the utmost attention to design, in every smallest aspect. “Our range, which was already very wide and deep before,” explained Alessio Bellin, “is now enriched with further innovations: The first concerns our most innovative family, that of bioclimatic pergolas, which last year included a number of models with a unique concept – the energy-pergolas – and which from now on will also include two exclusive bioclimatic pergolas with retractable roofs; the second concerns the range of vertical screens, for which we are expanding the offer in terms of size, so that we can also offer solutions with very large sizes, suitable for fitting considerably large windows or glass panes. ”


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