Frigerio Design Group designs the new Zamasport headquarters

The new headquarters of Zamasport – a brand among the pioneers of Italian prêt à porter – promotes a new relationship between technology, humans and environment. Evocative and sustainable, Frigerio Design Group’s architecture conveys a concept of wellbeing combining ethics and respect for the environment. Intended to house production and executive areas – offices, creative ateliers, test rooms and a part of production – the new building acts as a hinge between pre-existing buildings.

Covering an area of 3,700 square meters, the architecture becomes loaded with symbolic and functional meaning. The external envelope evocates a fabric and that combination of technique and creativity characterising Zamasport’s work. Spaces, pathways and environments are designed to contribute to a higher quality in the working life of employees, whose wellbeing is pursued in every aspect of the design. The use of natural lighting, the presence of greenery, acoustic comfort and the definition of internal microclimates contribute to shaping not only functional but also enjoyable and welcoming spaces, in the name of total quality.

In order to reduce energy consumption and optimise internal sensory comfort, Italian studio Frigerio Design Group worked extensively on maximising passive performance and reducing the active. Zamasport headquarters is NZEB (Near Zero Energy Building): a highly energy-efficient building using renewable resources for over half its energy needs.
The Zamasport project expresses the concept of “Slow Architecture”, which is for architect Enrico Frigerio an actual manifesto.
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PROJECT new Zamasport headquarters
STUDIO Frigerio Design Group
LOCATION Novara, Italy
YEAR 2020
PHOTO Mario Frusca