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Fragments from the Tang Dynasty

The Zhengzhou Vanke Xiyuan Regency Sales Center is located in Luoyang, an ancient capital of China. Inspired by the aesthetics of the Tang Dynasty, an era of great beauty in even the smallest and most ephemeral details, MIND Design combines the language of modern design to create a future ceremonial lifestyle. It is the first programme developed by Vanke in Luoyang in conjunction with local developer Chunhua Qiushi Real Estate as the builder. With a large, high-ceilinged atrium as the entrance, MIND Design incorporates Chinese elements such as tenon and mortise into the complex. The broad symmetry of Chinese architecture shocks visitors, and the wood-clad beams of the metal structures support the magnificence of the complex. Unique oriental concepts can be seen everywhere in the space, scattered shadows created by the wooden columns and light through the windows.

With minimalist yet luxurious wall coverings, the grand space has a tender tranquillity. From an ancient capital of thirteen dynasties to a modern industrial city, and then to today’s industrial upgrade and new type of city, the cultural context of Luoyang has not been shaken, and what has changed is the lifestyle of the people. Guided by the design concept of “fireworks civilisation”, MIND Design has created a living scenario where the past and modernity meet, tradition and new trend coexist. Meanwhile, the sales office has become a new business model. The project is the first bookshop as part of a sales office in Luoyang, and is also an attempt at a diversified sharing business model. As a transition between the outer and inner business district, the book bar adopts a young and fashionable visual style, more in line with the urban aesthetic, which is an innovation of this programme. The trading area adopts a modern, simplified yet luxurious design to create a tranquil environment for the whole. The details, including the wooden ceilings, translucent rice paper and dark floors, are still oriental elements, perfectly presenting the unique charm of traditional Chinese cultures.

The combination of wide-ranging faux stone painting, dark ceilings and floors, together with well-placed green plants, reflects the artistic concepts of western and eastern aesthetics, which is not only the addition of two design techniques, but also the chemical reaction of two dimensions. At the entrance to the staircase leading to the second floor, MIND Design has created an interior micro-landscape. The matching floor with matt black stone and light stone, together with ‘Welcome Pine’, is a vivid presentation of Chinese ink painting. A bright, open room is located at the staircase. The walls and ceilings covered with large area wood have been fixed with white fake stone paint to make the space clean and pure. Different spaces have different forms and meanings. An introspective experience in nostalgic feelings and history, investigating the aesthetics of an era rooted in art, which becomes the core of the new design of the Xiyuan Regency. 


Project: Zhengzhou Vanke Xiyuan Regency Sales Centre
Owner: Zhengzhou Vanke
Interior Design: Mente Design
Photo: Zhang Qilin