Floris, the green suites

Parc Hotel Florian is the perfect place to relax and reconnect with nature. Located at the foot of the village of Siusiallo Sciliar, the hotel offers its guests the opportunity to stay in the magnificent park in which it is located, made up of ancient trees, an idyllic pond and an open-air swimming pool, reflecting a new and fresh architectural language.

For this reason, the noa* architectural firm, which was commissioned to design the further development of the hotel complex, had to come up with a concept that would allow an extension of the hotel while preserving the fundamental characteristics linked to the park, which define the identity of the place.
This required a special sensitivity, a real challenge for the noa* team.

The initial idea was to keep the building and the new rooms raised off the ground, at a height of about three metres, so as not to take too much space away from the park and to make the guests’ experience closer to the characteristics of the environment.
The concept inspired by the tree houses was born from this idea: along a connecting corridor, which like a backbone unites the modules of the new hotel building, the two floors of the suites are developed, each with five rooms, all oriented towards the park. To make the architectural ensemble even more lively, the suites have been superimposed, not to match perfectly, but with a slight offset, to give the impression of a “naturally” grown structure and preserve the surrounding view. In addition, the facades of the structures are made of grey wood, giving homogeneity to the overall scenery.

Renamed the ‘Floris Green Suites’, the new rooms are as spectacular on the outside as they are on the inside. The classic division of space into living, sleeping and bathroom areas has been reinterpreted in an unusual way. The central living area ends in a roof balcony, from which one can admire the magnificent mountain landscape – one of the great advantages of the large windows in the sleeping area. Here everything comes together in a harmonious flow: the rooms, the functions, the outdoor spaces and the interior. Only the toilet with bidet has been conceived as an enclosed space. The main point of impact is a freestanding washbasin with mirror, which can be transformed into a small desk. It is here that the bathroom area merges with the living area, which has been beautifully designed with this hybrid furniture. The most intimate environment is conceived at the rear of the suite, without overlooking the park, where the entrance is also located: an elegant open shower is cleverly flanked on one side by the enclosed cabin with WC and bidet and, on the other side, by an exclusive Finnish sauna, for the exclusive use of the suite’s guests, with no time limit. In addition to the many views and perspectives, there is another workhorse that makes a stay in the Green Suite irresistible: an open but protected from prying eyes outdoor pool completes the sauna offer in an unusually fascinating way.

The interior design of the rooms is dominated by a soft green interspersed with shades of grey, in perfect harmony with the feeling of a tree house desired by the architects. An essential part of this holistic idea are the fabric coverings, tiles and painted surfaces, which create an indissoluble link between interior and exterior, all harmoniously complemented by a smoked oak floor and furniture and sanitary fittings in sober black. The exception to this is the free-standing bathtub on the patio, which, with its brilliant white, remains the suite’s main attraction.

This project fully represents the identity of Hotel Florian, thanks also to details that give the environment a unique atmosphere, from the colours to the materials, keeping the park as the beating heart of the place.

Info noa.network

ARCHITECT noa* network of architecture
LOCATION Siusi, Alto Adige, Italy
CLIENT Family Thomaseth
YEAR 2020
PHOTO Alex Filz