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Flagship Versace by Vudafieri-Saverino Partners

Flagship Versace Home comes to life thanks to the interior design project carried out by Vudafieri-Saverino Partners in Milan. In a historic building with an architectural style that recalls the unmistakable aesthetic sense of Versace, the space in Via Durini will host the new creations of the well-known fashion brand in partnership with Luxury Living Group. The main theme of the project is the combination of classicism and contemporaneity that led to the choice of the elegant building in Via Durini, which acts as a pillar for the symbols and shapes of the brand. The Versace Home collection designed by Ludovica and Roberta Palomba with Donatella Versace is housed in a space of industrial contamination of led walls and large screens that break up the pre-existing more classic lines, creating an eclectic and innovative aesthetic.

The external facade, marked by monumental Ionic columns at the top of which are placed statues representing the Arts, heralds the sumptuous style of the LED-lit staircase that leads the visitor inside. Distributed on two floors, the boutique is structured as a private residence where the path culminates in the secret garden, initially hidden from view, gives breath and brightness to the environment, giving an unexpected connection with nature and the outdoor space.The reinterpretation of the classic style is already found in the walls of the boutique decorated with plaster frames with symmetrical designs, they have gold leaf decorations.

The provocative and irreverent character of Versace can be seen in the glossy-opaque marble on the floors of the corridors as well as in the metal mesh curtains that recall the industrial style and the weave of the brand’s fabrics.Finally, the chromatic choice could only fall on the color that has most represented Versace on the international scene: gold. Skilfully used, the ceilings are decorated in a soft nuance designed with backlit gold plates, as are the curtain doors in expanded metal. Another distinctive element of the staircase is the cladding inspired by the iconic La Greca pattern, which is found as a fil rouge in the different rooms of the space.


Project: Flagship Versace Home
Architect: Vudafieri-Saverino Partners
Year: 2021
Photo: Paolo Valentini