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Experimentation – Urban Center

Prato, A space open to discussion, a laboratory of possibilities and a fundamental instrument to bring the museum more and more into contact with the city and its citizens: this is the new Urban Center inside the Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art in Prato, active from Saturday November 20th 2021. Strongly desired by the City of Prato and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in Tuscany and designed by the collective Fosbury Architecture looking at European and global best practices, Urban Center is a permanent laboratory, an observatory on urban transformations, a space to host immersive installations, a theater, a playground to raise awareness of sustainability. A work of art and culture for citizens and a new family center that gives value to the community of Prato with a wide range of activities.

The space will be a platform for multimedia content, a showcase for the city and much more: a living place for cultural debate with exhibitions but also events, conferences and webinars. Urban Center consists of a large insulating and soundproof tent – whose fabric, designed in collaboration with local companies, is a tribute to the great textile tradition of the city, a space designed to be flexible and chameleon-like. For the opening, the chameleon-like space will host the first temporary exhibition Osservatorio Prato 2050, curated by Fosbury Architecture and dedicated to the projects active in the city of Prato and to the local and international networks that each of them activates.

A large network of activities that gives back the complex and molecular vision of the projects in the field, an exhibition that testifies to the intent of making the Urban Center the HUB of these networks, functional also to create new ones. The textual map is accompanied by a photographic essay created ad hoc for the opening of UC by Piercarlo Quecchia and Alessandro Saletta – DSL Studio, which tells through 25 shots a sort of Prato behind the scenes. A vision of the factory city updated to the 21st century that is expressed in the relationship between production spaces and uncontaminated nature, between tradition and innovation, between pre-existence and new places for experimentation.