Exclusive Design by Ponte Giulio

Design is the tool that must enhance the intrinsic qualities of each object and not represent a limitation: this is the starting point of Ponte Giulio, an Italian company that has always made quality, health and attention to hygiene its focal points. Because the person must always be at the centre, now more than ever. The company’s vision combines the concept of wellbeing with safety, with the aim of simultaneously satisfying the living requirements and needs of several generations of users who, for various reasons, are involved in the configuration of increasingly sophisticated and personalised environments.

This is the philosophy on which Ponte Giulio has based its “Exclusive design” container, a catalogue of products and made-to-measure solutions in acrylic stone that can be used in many areas: homes, airports, railway stations, service stations, libraries, theatres, community centres, canteens and sports facilities, but also universities, schools or simply offices, bars and restaurants.

From being specialists in bathroom furniture, over time the Umbrian company has turned its attention to a noble and extremely refined as well as original material: “Corian®” generically defined as “solid surface”. Working it means giving life to infinite shapes and to any project.
Ponte Giulio follows and realises the whole process internally, from the choice of the material to the preparation of the shapes, which guarantees constant results and customisation of the products in the catalogue.

For more information visit: www.pontegiulio.com