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Excellenseaa 126

Photographed by- Abhishek Shah (

Sanjay Puri Architects, founded by the architect of the same name, consists of more than 70 young professionals working on projects of various kinds, such as residential developments, shopping centres, hotels, parks, or private projects.

Excellenseaa 126 is a residential project comprising six buildings of 11 floors each, with two flats on each floor, making a total of 126 dwellings. The flats vary in size from 750 sqm to 850 sqm and 950 sqm and are configured with large living spaces, 5 bedrooms, an office and a gym. The flats are designed to facilitate cross-ventilation and are protected by wide cantilevered decks to shade the space and keep it cool. Temperatures exceed 35°C for 8 months of the year in the city of Surat.
The structures are located in the city of Surat, India, and occupy approximately 29,000 square metres of construction and 13,000 square metres of private garden, with a maximum height of 40 metres.

Vehicular access is limited in the perimeter and 80% underground area for parking.
The large landscaped area rises in angular planes revealing a partially underground recreational club with entertainment and sports facilities that are protected from heat gain and simultaneously open to natural ventilation and light.

The Excellenseaa 126 complex creates a sustainable micro-environment.
The extensive landscaping with trees, plants and bodies of water keeps the area cool, while the large overhangs and terraces of each flat add individual outdoor spaces.
Recycling and rainwater harvesting, along with sewage treatment and solar panels help reduce the buildings’ carbon footprint and make them self-sufficient.

The facilities offer a variety of entertainment and sports facilities.
Moreover, conference rooms, a grocery shop, a medical room, a laundry and services for domestic staff have been integrated.


PROJECT Excellenseaa 126
ARCHITECT Sanjay Puri Architects
DESIGN TEAM Kapil Merchant, Madhavi Belsare& Pooja Sampat
LOCATION Surat, India
CLIENT Happy Homes
ELEVATORS Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US 
KITCHEN FIXTURES Kaff Appliances         
GLASS Saint-Gobain Glass HQ
YEAR 2020
PHOTO Mr. Abhishek Shah