INTERNATIONAL HOUSE & HOTEL INTERIORS: An international look at the new trends in interior design.

The magazine PLATFORM Architecture and Design presents an interesting series of conferences at HOMI, the international trade fair for the Home and its spaces, on January 25 and 26, 2020.

INTERNATIONAL HOUSE & HOTEL INTERIORS, this is the name of the conferences, will be an international look at the new trends in interior design, a sort of state of the art interior design in the residential and hospitality sectors.

In recent years the interiors of private residential spaces and those of hospitality places have become increasingly closer towards a way of understanding space as a place where one can find one’s own identity and unique aesthetic comfort.
In order to offer an exhaustive overview and photograph how the design of these spaces has evolved and changed in recent years, 12 international projects have been selected, chosen according to an obvious criterion of design quality, but also to offer a broad overview in terms of scale of projects, but also in terms of design trends.
There are 6 private residences and 6 hotel projects.
A very representative overview by 12 authors from all over the world.

Here is the program with its protagonists and the projects they will present.
The conferences are divided into three sessions, for each session registration is required via form.

10:30 THDP DESIGN / Indigo Venice Sant’Elena Hotel
11:00 Daaa HausCugo / Gran Macina Grand Harbour
11:30 WRA-Wild Rabbits Architecture HOUS / La Maison Plissée
12:00 Ramon Esteve / Quarry House Mountain Climbing

SUNDAY 26 JANUARY – morning
10:30 OV-ASvatý Vavřinec / Apartment buildings
11:00 Nefa Architects / NON-standard hotel
11:30 DO Architects / Apartment in Raugyklos str
12:00 Eolo A&I Design / Penthouse apartment

SUNDAY 26 JANUARY – afternoon
2:00 Ninetynine / Hotel Casa Amsterdam
2:30 Kroki StudioPárisi / Udvar Hotel Budapest
3:00 Kolenik HOUS / River View Penthouse
3:30 Anna Kovalchenko / Apartment in Estepona

Event in collaboration with the Order of Architects PPC of the Province of Milan.
Recognized 2 cfp to the Architects for each session.