ENTO: between evolution and new challenges with internationally renowned designers

Ento is a reality that goes beyond design and time limits, thanks to its elegant sobriety, versatility and new and relevant collaborations with internationally well-known designers under the careful and decisive artistic direction of Davide Diliberto.
The name Ento is deliberately an incomplete term: it is the final part of the Italian word ‘complemento’ (complement), to underline the mutual incompleteness of doors, windows and opening and closing mechanisms. The brand’s concept recognizes the handle as an integral element of a wider architectural project, at the same time functional and aesthetic.

The range of products is divided into three macro-categories: Architectural products, which are visually integrated; Aesthetic products, which give a defined tone to the project; Special products, which are more refined technical proposals. The company’s objective is to make the choice phase as easy as possible for the designer and offer flexibility to satisfy custom projects that involve oversized projects with different finishes. Among these, Ento offers polyhedral solutions such as chrome, satin chrome, H-Graphite – a new and evolved variant with higher performance of the graphite –, satin nickel, polished brass, and from 2020 also the new Matt black enamel S-COATING. This last finish, with its matt black nuance, in addition to the performance characteristics of the S-COATING technology, combines a concrete sensation of simplicity and solidity, and tells a very specific design choice: it is the expression of a strong and elegant character, as well as a preference for a modern style with a singular and refined taste.

Ento offers quality and style resources for architects and interior designers, presenting the widest possible range of products. Every Ento’s result is the result of a dialogue between the company and the designer. A dialogue that is above all a fertile exchange of views, which places the designer’s sensibility and the brand’s philosophies on the same path.
Each project was the outcome of various technical-functional exploits, without exception, to obtain the best proportions, the details the designer wanted, solutions with clean lines (such as the fixing of the neck of Lorenzo Damiani‘s Trace handle, without visible mechanical elements; or the textured surfaces of Matteo Nunziati‘s Teca handles).
Every designer who has worked with Ento has made his own contribution to build and create the brand image. Further collaborations are planned for the future, which will certainly develop the company’s know how and allow to discover new ways of expression both from a technical and aesthetic point of view.