We protect the beauty of the world

The Covid-19 pandemic is known to have brought with it many consequences – more or less positive – and changes in the way we live our daily lives. First of all, the amount of time we spend indoors – from work to home – has increased dramatically.
In response to some of the needs that can arise from such a change, Univer, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings, has created a sustainable product that not only enhances the spaces we live in, but also makes them healthy places to live. This is Acqualife Plus Matt, the innovative water-based enamel that, in addition to being Ecolabel and A+ certified, eliminates one of the most common harmful substances in interiors, formaldehyde, purifying the air and ensuring an aesthetically pleasing yet safe result.

In the Univer home, wellbeing also depends on the design of a harmonious environment that enhances the living spaces and has a positive impact on the wellbeing of those who live in them: a fundamental factor is the combination of balanced colours capable of stimulating different emotions depending on the function of the space.
For this reason, the Brand uses Absolu System, PPG’s tinting system that allows the creation of a high definition colour, guaranteeing an excellent result. This innovative system allows maximum precision in the realisation of the colour, a better duration of the colour applied even outdoors, and colours with perfect coverage and infinite chromatic possibilities.

Not only does Univer provide maximum colour rendering, it also bases room design on the principle of 60-30-10 as a reference from which to choose the shades for a room. In order to balance the colour of the walls of a room it should be considered that about 60% of the chromaticity of a room, including the ceiling, should be achieved with the main colour, to be applied to the largest walls; 30% with a secondary colour, to be used on a small wall or only on the ceiling; for the remaining 10% a vibrant colour accent should be used, which can also involve a piece of furniture.

The creation of harmonious colour combinations and the skilful use of colour make it possible to completely change the perception of the volumes of a room, improving its appearance and at the same time the well-being of its inhabitants.