Vining Ivy, the 2023 colour for Sigma Coatings

Sigma Coatings, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings, is returning to colour, starting again with Olive Sprig – the olive green that had tinted 2022 – and then returning to the arms of the same nuance, which this year becomes more intense and profound thanks to Vining Ivy, the colour chosen to represent this 2023.
Here, the colour becomes the protagonist of different areas of development, including interior and exterior design, fashion, automotive, aerospace and much more.

A vision whose favourite place is the home: after the pandemic, in fact, domestic spaces have acquired a new, even more intimate meaning. This reflection led Sigma Coatings to present the new colour of the year for 2023, Vining Ivy, a very contemporary shade that communicates great energy and at the same time gives serenity, giving an extra touch to the home that is now the nerve centre of everyone’s life.
Vining Ivy is reminiscent of the climbing ivy, from which it takes its name, in its colour – a green that is tinged with blue and becomes a deep teal – as well as in its nature: just like the plant, the colour embraces the walls of the home.

Once again this year, Sigma Coatings continues to reflect on the importance of colour in the lives of all of us and proposes a shade that, from walls to furniture, to doors or wooden structures, is perfect for those who wish to recreate a unique and sophisticated environment“, comments Francesco Pezzo, Commercial Specification Manager PPG Architectural Coatings Italy. “Ideal for reinvigorating the personality of a home, or simply a room, this shade is a protagonist on its own, but it can also be very glamorous, sophisticated or eccentric depending on the choice of combinations with pastel, warm or, why not, brighter colours“.

With Vining Ivy, Sigma Coatings further expands the horizons of colour design: Serenity is a delicate and elegant palette, in which neutral and delicate tones dominate, together with pastel shades, which give peace and tranquillity; Origin is designed for the consumer who sees nature as the truest and most tangible expression of beauty, in which sophisticated and enveloping materials such as wood or marble stand out; Duality, synonymous with contrast thanks to its bright colours, is very strong and bold. The materials in the palette also scream duality, thanks to the particular combinations of traditional products – such as velvet or wood – and more futuristic ones.
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