Villa Hunan Lu

The Hunan Lu villa in Shanghai is a refined restoration of a beautiful house in the heart of the French Concession area. The architecture of the façade has been defined after a careful analysis of the materials used in the old Shanghai of the 1920: the mix of pale yellow marmorino, river pebbles and grey stone create a perfect harmonious balance, enhancing the elegance of the building. The interior architecture continues the analysis of the past and propose a timeless environment: the elegant wooden ribbon of the main staircase, the marbles of the floorings, the colors of the walls, the wooden/brass libraries and the ceiling decorations define a cozy and welcoming space, where the client easily located her furniture selection.

PROJECT Hunan Lu villa
ARCHITECT Claudio Saverino, Tiziano Vudafieri
LOCATION Shanghai, China
YEAR 2018
PHOTO Alan Grillo