The Smart Office of Andriani Spa

A smart office project not only responds to an aesthetic or functional need, but also deeply affects the relationship between people and their work. For this reason the renewal of the workspace can be useful to realize a wider vision of company evolution. A response to new global challenges that focuses on well-being to optimise the performance of people and teams.
This is what emerges from the experience of Andriani Spa: one of the most important Italian companies in the innovation food sector and with a unique know-how in the production of alternative pasta based on legumes and cereals.
The company from Gravina di Puglia, strongly committed to sustainability and social responsibility, chose Estel in 2019 to design the interiors of the new smart executive building designed by architect Saverio La Volpe in collaboration with the ASP Progetti team.

A workspace concept based on solid foundations of values: the centrality of the person, the evolution of work, the connection between wellbeing and quality.
The idea of the smart office is combined with many other projects: the gym and the nutritionist available to workers; economic incentives to use bicycles; the company’s hydroponic garden and the planted citrus grove that acts as an external think pad; coaching to introduce the theme of smart working among employees; a path that had already begun before the pandemic, which allowed the company to tackle the lockdown with greater resilience.

Ample spaces have been dedicated to collaboration. Baobab modules were chosen to stimulate sharing in frequent project team meetings. Alongside them are comfortable Dolly armchairs dedicated to individual interviews.
An area set up with Evo HP workstations equipped with a sit-stand option to limit the physical stress associated with prolonged sitting.
The areas dedicated to meetings were subdivided through glass walls (Collaborative Room and Sistem Dividers 3-6-9) to guarantee soundproofing and brightness and to visually concretise the company’s principle of transparency.
For training, comfort was considered first and foremost, to encourage attention and participation. Not even the coffee break has been left to chance: the Coffice areas have been designed to stimulate sociality and informal sharing.
Estel is proud to support Andriani Spa and other natural innovators like them to create the spaces necessary for work in evolution.
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