The School of Social Development

The humanitarian organisation Jay Nepal asked Studio Berardi Miglio to design a school centre and a volunteer accommodation in a very remote location, a small and poor village called Bodgaun in Nepal.

The site, set in a beautiful landscape, presents itself as a non-place: the few houses spread here and there do not generate a recognisable urban structure.
They therefore developed the idea of a village in a village, as the project itself had to create a new centrality capable of providing an opportunity for people to meet each other.

Around a large open space, designed as a public theatre, a ring of five houses was planned to accommodate the different school functions while, on the first floor, are situated the volunteers’ rooms and the canteen.

On the outside, the buildings with their sky-blue colour radiate far beyond the village structure; at the same time, the central space with its yellow-gold colour creates a place of interaction for the entire community.

PROJECT: The School of Social Development
STUDIO: Studio Berardi Miglio
AREA: 400 m2
LOCATION: Bodgaun, Nepal
YEAR: 2022
LEAD DESIGNERS: Lucia Miglio, Filippo Berardi
PHOTOGRAPHS: Filippo Berardi