The new Linear® solutions by Protek®

Linear®, Protek’s collection of pocket frames designed to eliminate the use of jambs and covering profiles, is enriched with new series: Linear® FiloSoffitto, Linear® FiloBattuta, Linear® CoverColor and Magic Box® Linear.
These new solutions not only stand out for the robustness and ease of installation of Linear®, but also reveal an even greater focus on aesthetics.
The increasingly sophisticated ‘flush wall’ design is in fact further pursued on all sizes thanks to two new kits, Linear® FiloSoffitto and Linear® FiloBattuta. The former allows the installation of the track flush with the false ceiling, thanks to the total integration of the upper beam in the false ceiling itself or in correspondence with height differences. Linear® FiloBattuta, on the other hand, integrates the jamb post with the plasterboard wall. Both solutions can be applied to the Linear® pocket frames already in place and are configured to create a possible acoustic partition in the upper part of the room.

In order to satisfy the search for a formal cleanliness that can be customised as much as possible, Protek® has created Linear® CoverColor, the kit of anodised aluminium profiles in different finishes that allows a minimal frame to be created at the door opening, which is thus embellished. Installable on Linear pocket frames for any thickness of finished wall, Linear® CoverColor is the solution that allows the door threshold to be finished at its best, while protecting wall corners and finishing the skirting board header on which it rests.
The different finishes available can be coordinated with the existing furniture, wall colour or door finish.

To overcome the difficulties of applying sliding solutions in the vicinity of electrical sockets and pipes, Linear® now integrates with Magic Box®, the collection of pocket frames equipped with a housing for electrical and/or water utilities designed and patented by Protek®. Thanks to an accurate design that provides for the housing of electrical and/or water installations on both sides of the pocket frames, configured with a special expanded polystyrene mould, the Linear jamb-less and cover-less solutions are now also available in the Magic Box Linear Elektro (prepared for electrical consumers), Magic Box Linear Hydra (prepared for water consumers), and Magic Box Linear Domotika (prepared for electrical and water consumers).


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