Casa RP em Santa Maria da Feira com Arquitectura Lopes da Costa e fotografias de Ivo Tavares Studio

The light that plays inside home

The diversity of materials, from exposed concrete in the basement to white plaster and wood, creates a visually captivating aesthetic, while the canopies accentuate the horizontality and lend a distinct dynamic to the architecture of Casa RP, designed by Atelier d’Arquitectura Lopes da Costa. The three-storey house is located on a rectangular plot with good exposure to the sun and a privileged view of the castle of Santa Maria da Feira.

Pedestrian and car access is via the two roads adjacent to the plot, at different levels, taking advantage of its natural slope. The main access is therefore on the upper level, which, through a canopy, leads to the entrance of the house, located on the north-east façade. As it faces the street, this façade is deliberately more closed. Access to the basement garage is via a slight ramp from the street towards the south-east. Storage rooms, technical rooms and a space for storing hunting and fishing gear, the owner’s hobby, have also been placed here.

On the ground floor the social and recreational areas of the house have been placed, trying to make the most of the relationship with the outside and the sun quadrant: East/South, with a view of the castle, and South/West, which opens onto the garden and a patio sheltered by a canopy, where outdoor seating and dining areas are located. The first floor is the intimate area, comprising two bedrooms with shared bathrooms for the couple’s children, the master suite facing east and south and an office/study facing south and west.

The house is characterised by the use of exposed concrete in the basement, which forms the foundation, and white plaster contrasting with the wood panelling.
The canopies emphasise the horizontality and add dynamism to the whole, breaking up the rectangularity of the building imposed by the geometry of the land.

The objective was to create a homogeneous whole, with volume and formal uniformity, in which the materials contribute to differentiating the floors, making the volume more dynamic and less compact.



Project: Casa RP
Design: Atelier d’Arquitectura Lopes da Costa
Location: Santa Maria de Feira
Year: 2021
Photographer: Ivo Tavares